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    Lil Fangs

    This topic is created to share our perspectives on the method described in Volta. Does the final format described in the final chapter, suit your wishes? Would you like to share your personal findings? I would absolutely love to hear about your reading experience!! 😀

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    I’m halfway through the book now, and I must say that personalizing the method to my situation, is quite a task. Your Volta relates mostly to your social life and your enormous ambitions, and I just want to quit smoking and find a better job… How should I adapt the method to that?

    – xxx –

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      Lil Fangs

      The main questions in the book are general, used to define what makes you happy and what should change, for you to (permanently) experience your ultimate happiness. Then, the “algorithm” of the final chapter, should give you the main train of thought, you should use to ask yourself the follow-up questions you need, for the change you want to see. In your case, your change will be your smoking habit and your occupation.

      Your incentive(s) to smoke [what are they?] should be “blocked” – the methods to, depend on what they are. A new habit [a mental one and a physical one, I personally recommend, such as writing and running] and chewing gum (not necessarily nicotine gum), you can distract yourself with. To quit smoking, what you need the most, is determination and self-control. A way to boost that, could be by meditating and making a schedule for cutting down.

      To find a better job, the first step is to define what makes the job “better”. Once you’ve profiled that, you should start the search, based on that profile. Unless you, for example, need (extra) diplomas and/or certificates to qualify for the occupation that will make you happier. Then the first step is to go back to school, and wait for that better job a little longer.

      If you answer all of the main questions in the book, you’ll find your perfect strategy 🙂 . The book touches on other forms of change as well, but in “the algorithm”, you can leave out those forms of change, if you don’t want/need them.

      I hope this was helpful…


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        I’ve finished reading the book now and the “algorithm” did work for my own situation. And thanks for the tips 🙂 . I think the best occupation for me is the one where our paths intertwine 🙂 . How to do this?

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    Volta was a very interesting read! I’m so done with our current “social cycle” in life. The alternative career path you describe in the book would be an awesome flip for my life! But it almost sounds too good to be true… I want to know what it would exactly look like in real life, before I would actually make that switch… Saying that out loud here, feels crazy! I’ve been living my routine for so long, I can’t imagine to say goodbye to it forever, but it would be so Graet!!! 😀

    Meow ♥

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      Lil Fangs

      Hiii ♥

      I’m very glad you found it interesting 🙂 . I’m so done with the cycle, too!!! My ideas are not too good to be true. They’re the truth!!! I think you’re not the only Graeyniss who is in this doubt. Drastic career shifts can be a great deal. Especially when life is Graey…

      My strategy in real life, is a process… All publications of me – including the construction of this forum – relate to it. I’m trying to assemble people like you [But for me, you’re very hard to find! I’m so happy that you’re here! ♥], to use our knowledge and intelligence in a way they have never been used before, for the sake of our futures. That career switch, starts with conversations. Those conversations, lead to a consensus, and the consensus leads to the global Volta of Volta’s.

      It’s clearer and easier, if we would just start making that switch, right here. That’s actually one of the reasons why this forum is made 🙂 . On this innocent forum, we could start those conversations needed to define “puzzle pieces” [reference to what I say in Volta…]. You can always withdraw with ease, since we haven’t made anything official [yet? :D] .

      So, if I may ask… What is your expertise, my Graeyniss? It would be easier to explain, if I knew…


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        😮 That’s a cool strategy! I hope it works!

        I’m specialized in mathematics. Particularly for robotics. But my aspirations are to distinguish myself in every field maths is used in!

        How does that fit your “puzzle frame”? (Haha, Volta reference.)

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          Lil Fangs

          That fits my puzzle frame in all ways!! 😀 In my Volta’s plan B, I’ll be doing quite some mathematical modelling. For multiple fields! I hope you’re interested in double-checking it. I need a mathematician! Now that it’s certain that I’ll be doing everything without guidance, I’ll fully define the theoretical approach myself in My Volta’s Plan B. When the maths is done – which might take a while, since I’ll start with macroeconomics and PR, and then mathematics come into play – I’ll notify you, if you want. I can’t pay you yet, though…

          What is your Volta, if I may ask? 🙂 (Including your distinguishment, of course!)

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            I see that your process of invoking change is starting. Whenever you need someone to check your maths, I’m here. I really like your initiative.

            My Volta is practically the same as yours, when it comes to both my personal life and my professional life.

            I think that I’m not the only one, when I say that your initiative gives me so much hope for change that I fear giving myself that hope, because if it wouldn’t happen… I would become quite lost, to be honest.

            That’s why I keep myself from giving in to it, currently. It’s because I want it too much! I believe in you so much that it’s like you now own a part of me… I know that you’ll do everything in your power to keep us on the path towards a better future.

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