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      Victoria Rogers

      When you create a Wikipedia page, it comes with many benefits and you can either make yourself known with it or deliver your messages or information very conveniently to the world, just by being present on a single huge platform. People often ask the experts that how to create a Wikipedia page for their businesses, because they want to reach out to the people globally. Not only it is great for businesses, but also it can work in a great way for the new entrepreneurs, speakers, influencers and many more people. It is up to the person, how he or she wants to avail this amazing option, which can beat all the others. Did you know about this?

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      Lil Fangs

      Yes, I do know about this. I have been wanting to create a Wikipedia page for a long time, but as time passed, I’m starting to know less and less about how to categorize myself.

      Is an author anyone who has ever published a book, or is an author someone who makes (part of) their income selling books? Is a researcher anyone who has done a research project, or is a researcher someone who has academic degrees? Can I call myself a business owner, when my business is not making revenue? I don’t want my page to be deleted.

      For low spendable income related reasons, I wanted to write the page myself. But I don’t know how what others think of me, so I don’t know in what ways do describe myself in such a way that I’m stating a universal fact. I’d have to use both the perspectives of the people who like and dislike me. I don’t know either of these perspectives.

      Anyone interested in writing my Wikipedia page, in exchange for some writing space on my websites?


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