15:36 (03:36 PM) 

My sweetheart <3

How are you today? 

I have so many more questions for you! I’m saving them for when I get the chance to assemble my Council of hand-picked influentials. By “influentials” I don’t mean these young people you can pay to influence crowds through the huge network of followers they have. I mean these Cuddle Graeynissis who have so much knowledge on how the system works, [but they don’t talk about it that often, because, unfortunately, the masses don’t think about it that much and they might not yet have a strategy for making the change they want to see,(????)] who have a very specialized, unique, powerful position within the system or within an organization. 

For me it’s quite lonely being focused on the future and “the things unknown to mankind” so much. Often when I try to talk about these things with people of my age, I get: “I don’t know. I don’t want to think about this ooooooofff.” My passion (as my focus) is my greatest distraction from things I don’t want to think about. Also, I’d feel empty without a cognitive challenge. 

I know Graeynissis have every single the answer I crave for… (Scattered among them.) 

Aw how sweett (literally hahaha)! It says: “Thank you for your assistance in saving thousands of holidays!”

17:01 (05:01 PM) 

Reminder to self that I elaborate on my target audience (and my special Graeyniss…) and the order of my marketing campaign.