03:33 (AM)


The proposal page and the 2019’s reform article are done. The Fangs’s Fundraisers page is made, but I’ll finish that tomorrow. 

Kayleigh made this tastiness ♥

I’m going to get ready for bed. I hope you’ll be tuning in to the making of the fundraisers’ page as well, today’s afternoon 🙂 . I also reallyyyy hope you’ll donate! [Especially to the funding of a better life for me… I want to be able to be all by myself and/or with Graeynissis on New Year’s… Really… Being stuck in this life from the start of 2019 as well would be too painful… I would be a crazy sad petje if I’d still fully be without public supporters, on January 1st 🙁 . Cuddle? 🙁 ]

I’m off to bed

I love you ♥

Sweet dreams


13:23 (01:23 PM) 

Good meow 😸 ♥

How’s your day?

Mine is quite petty this far. I just finished more of my sister’s jambalaya for breakfast, and a glass of orange juice. I feel like going back to bed… But this fundraisers page could be my freedom, finally.

I just received an email from the embassy in Berlin, about that they just received my (veryy ugly picture) passport I requested when I was there, and that it will be shipped out soon. If I’m truly honest, I would rather receive a US passport in which I have a legally changed name and a better picture. Along with a new phone number and a house I can stay in until my island is finished. And I’m taking this handful of Dutch Graeynissis with me, after I have bought them out. Given them an offer they can’t refuse and have them by my side for the rest of my life… If President Trump were to like me [I hope he does 😸 ], that could be taken care of at once, since he is authorized to, and we could then talk about how we could match up our economic systems 🙂 . I don’t believe in competition between countries. It’s not good for our hearts, so let’s start strategizing about working together 😀 .

This INFP who used to be an ENFP is going back upstairs for a nap until 02:15 PM and then get ready [the parents of my sister’s boyfriend are coming to visit today, I believe, and I always worry about making a good first impression haha…] and work on my fundraisers. It’s plural, because for everything, there will be a seperate budget and I’ll share all of the details about my spendings and savings with you. I assure you that your money will be well spent, for a cause that will make you feel like more than a hero, for the rest of your life! ♥

I’ll be back *Arnold Schwarzenegger voice* xxx


16:30 (04:30 PM)  

This is a hint of what’s coming: 

The text might still be changed. [I won’t be changing the theme of my website, until I have a better budget for it.]

Meoww you’ll get acces to the forum, because you’re an insider when your donation is exceptional. That is not a tegenprestatie, because it’s just something you have the right to. It’s part of the life of a Fangyist, who is a D.O.C.I.S. International insider. 

There are a lot of unspoken D.O.C.I.S. International insiders, who receive The Head Cuddle. I hope they’ll come out of hiding and donate to this Cuddle 😸. Meoww I so can’t wait to get the fuuuck out of proletaria yoo. 


17:32 (05:32 PM) 

Forget what I said about worries about a first impression. In the future, it will be the other way around. My expectation was something different. I suck at small talk big time, so I’m here in “the annex”, awkwardly. The desk in my room is too small too work behind, the airplane-like sound from those computers on the top floor is far too disturbing and the dinner table is now saved for small talk. I have work to dooo. Please help Lil Fangs buy a house with an office and work undisturbed(ly?), my Cuddle 🙁 . Haha help Lil Fangs perfect her English, by helping her move to the United States. Help me buy these Graeynissis [and let them twerk for me all day 😻 [HAHA slightly kidding 😸… You will be exchanging part of your routine for dance rehearsals, though, my Graeyniss… If you’re becoming part of my Lil Fangs for President campaign 😸]]. I don’t want to leave the country for good, without them… Those 4 names mentioned in previous posts, are only a few of the many Graeynissis in this country 🙂 . Aahhh my eaaarsss… These palpitations…


20:09 (08:09 PM) 

In case you’re wondering where your donation page is: I’m still working on it. I’ve reconfigured my PayPal settings and the donation settings for this website. Now I’m making donation forms. They include a description of for what your donation will be used, which should be clear and not too long. 

Check it out 😸:



21:11 (09:11 PM) 

Excuse my other *low key steam coming out of ears* obligations;

It’s past nine, not ten

Payment methods are PayPal, bank transfer and giving me a check 🙂 . I haven’t set any donation goals, because if I were to state them, we would all get palpitations haha. I wonder how far I can get with this. I know most Dutch proletarians are a very “hard to get” audience, in terms of demands, so I consider my chances with them as hopeless, since I need a higher budget to satisfy them. I’m hoping for the support of people with a higher class income. 

I, by the way, edited the proposal page. 

Meanwhile, I’m done cooking. The plastic bag pre-cut vegetables were overdue, so they have not been included. 

Veggie improv

I’ll continue to work on the fundraisers page, until my father has baked the steak we’ll eat with this.