15:04 (03:04 PM) 

Good afternoonzz ♥

How are you today? 

I’m tired easily and chest achy, the way I usually am. I made this for “breaklunch”:

Those papers on the background are those medical documents I shared earlier, but this time with notes for doctor Cuddle. I can’t wait to see him 😀

I just left the pharmacy, close to where I stay in Amsterdam. I was there to buy a urine cup, because that’s what’s needed for the completion of doctor Cuddle’s research, but after waiting there for 30 minutes, there were two waiting people helped, and still 9 people in front of me, so I’m glad my mother found one at the drogisterij. 

Then I started to feel dizzy again, so I bought some water and “fresh” juice at the supermarket. Because I needed something on my stomach, I ended up settling for grote kaasstengels x_x. I’ve really had enough of supermarket food, truthfully…

But meoww now we’re on the road 😀 . On our way to Düsseldorf, to that hotel where I stayed the very first time I went to Germany for a doctor’s visit, which was where I met doctor Cuddle 🙂 . If he wouldn’t have asked me to visit him at his other practice, I would have probably been dead already. He could have also just sent me home the way every Dutch doctor has, but he hasn’t and it’s starting to show that what I’ve been stating about my health is right. I love that he’s willing to go the extra mile for me [especially because of the potential diseases I speak of “don’t suit my age” (but neither does my entire personality…) and he’s actually willing to listen to it]. He’s so Cuddle! 😀 ♥


17:15 (05:15 PM) 

We just crossed the border. Yay :D.


18:12 (06:12 PM) 

Same room type, different dayy:

The last time I was here, I didn’t have this jacket yett. My eyes were also less swollen… 

Sillyface Fangsss my tongue has been deshaped ever since those psycho pillss


22:37 (10:37 PM) 

I’m back in our hotel room, after having visited the sauna here and before that, dinner. 

Dinner was soooo tastyyy 😻

My lamb’s rack was crispy and rare 😻. So perfecttt and that while I didn’t even ask for its rareness! (We were at Casa Mattoni. Our intention was to eat in the hotel’s restaurant, but it was reserved for a private occasion, so they made a reservation for us there.)

Tastiest risotto ever 😀 . It went very well with my pesce 🙂

I can never turn down tiramisu 😻. It was very subtly flavored, which is the way I like my fooodd. From how full my glass of wine still is, you see how much of a slow drinker I actually am. It’s better for me to fully quit. I’ll learn how to say “No” soon 🙂 .

It was within a walking distance of where we’re staying (Melia Innside Düsseldorf Seestern) – and I made it there and back without even feeling like fainting, so yay. 

Right after coming back, we went into the sauna. On the one hand, I believe that wellness things are good for my heart issues, but not all of them, I guess. The heat and small space create such mental pressure. At some point I felt like fainting again, so I just went out and took a quick shower to “restabilize”. 

Now I’m extremely tired, so I’m going to go to bed. I look forward to tomorrow’s breakfast and even more to seeing doctor Cuddle 😀 . 

Good night, sweetie ♥

I love you so much 🙊 ♥♥