05:52 (AM) 

Meoww I just had to finish that motivation letter, is what I told myself today/yesterday. And I decided that the completeness of my message is far more important than the maximum amount of words. So what had to be 400 words, became 2169 words. I assume that it is clear that rejecting someone who exceeds the maximum number of words with more than 500%, is the same as killing that person – because where else in life can that person go, than a well-ranked, internationally oriented university…?

I hope the proposal within my motivation will be accepted. I still need to scan my passport, but for that I need to enter Jam’s room – because the scanner/printer is there – and I don’t want to wake him up, so I’m waiting with that and allowing myself some sleep. I’ll also be cooking dinner today, as well as washing my hair and finishing my business website. And sumbitting my admission, of course. All while hoping my heart doesn’t give out from my stress and impatience 🙂 . I want to go on a holiday…. Oh shit, that reminds me that I still need to add my contact information and the “I have nothing to do until September, so the sooner I start, the better”-part… Haha meoow 2300 words here I comee x_x. After resting! 

Good… Morning? 

The funniest part about this ecosystem is the early bird moans (singing is very different man hahahaha), which start when it’s pitch black outside at 05:30 in the AM sharp. Like an alarm clock and not natural birds. 

I love you 😀 

xxx – 

13:37 (01:37 PM) 

Good afternoon ♥

Meoww I woke up not so long ago and am still in bed. I’m as tired as that one man who played Forrest Gump, but then in that movie where he was on a deserted island for weeks and made a friend who was a ball on a stick hahahahahaha… Mister… I don’t remember the name of the “friend” and the movie ahahaa… It wasn’t Forrest Gump, if my choice of words didn’t make that clear…

When I wake up, I often go back to sleep again. When I then wake up again, I take my phone out of airplane mode and go over my incoming messages – if they don’t stress me out, I answer them right away – and answer ASKfm questions I’ve received. That’s how long I hold my morning urine every time, because I never want to leave my warm bed, but… Okay be right back… xxx


14:14 (02:14 PM) 

But it’s important to not hold it in for too long and especially to not break down all of my “morning thoughts” before having gone, because I want to have a properly functioning bladder when I’m old and grey… 🙂

Meoww two other things I wanted to share before I make breakfast, shower and buy groceries – I’ll be making self-made KFC and soft cooked pumpkin with rice – are… 

Meoow in the group chat with my former colleagues, I read that ANWB Vicje has been sending people sexy cards and that I haven’t received one at home 😿 (when I asked my mother if I did, going through my morning texts). It said “Thinking about you,” I read. That’s also what I said in that crazy email I sent him a while back! (Cool and interesting move!) They called it creepy. Meoow fuck themmm [(sustainably) automate everything!!! Save the planet hahaha] I would more than absolutely love it and feel as sexy as a wild cuddly cat around single middle aged women. I think about you far too often to not receive anything 😿. My employee statistics were far too good to not have received anything 😿. I hope it’s because orders have been followed incorrectly 😿. It must be meant for me 🙁 . I want this Graeyniss meowww… 

Yeah people who watch SBS6 all day will whine when you change it, my Vicje, but who will give a fuck when the costs to run the entire business will drop with 1000%. And then the place will flood because people pollute the Earth on such a high speed, they don’t have a clue what the fuck they are doing and keep buying fucking bitcoins, and no satellite gazing geographer can predict the future eustasy,  but we will be on Planet Fang drinking the best cocktails out of a fucking coconut! Yay to the future :D. 

Hmmm what was the second thing… I don’t even remember, because I’m still thinking of this sexy meow walking through that big building without me and I don’t want that last time when I was sick, and nervous because I find him crazy sexy [a hitlerjugend haircut would make his Graeyniss beyond absolutely irresistible to everyone… And please relax your shoulders, because that makes me want to massage you all of the time, but I can’ttttttt because you have this godly status and I don’tttttttt (plus I’m female)], to be the last time I’ve ever seen him… I somehow want to involve him in my project as well, if the University is open to allowing me to do it. “University doing sustainability project with non-schizophrenic student with business” seems like a legitimate reason to do things you usually don’t do 🙂 . I need sweet wild business knowledge Graeynissis for this, too! 😀

Yeah the second thing is that I will be pushing myself beyond my limits today, because I feel like sleeping all day, but I will do every single thing on my list… That means that I’ll go grocery shopping without showering, because the process of washing and drying my afro and wig costs hours and then I still need to twist it, so I’ll do that… Tomorrow, when I’m hopefully done with everything. At first, I wanted to say that I’ll shower, washing my hair, after coming back, but then I won’t get to cooking and finishing my website and proofreading my motivation letter and doing all that Studielink shit… 

I’ll just take a shower after eating “breakfast” (still haven’t eaten anything, because truthfully, I’m in the mood for foods that aren’t even accessible in the Nethetlands…). Et cetera. The next update you’ll see will be that what not to include article I’ll refer to in that motivation letter. You’ll also see my motivation letter in that same What not to include post HAHA xxxxx