13:47 (01:47 PM) 

Good afternoon ♥

Three days left until I need to submit Volta to the stores, so that it will be available in time. 

The types of works I publish now, are published within the limitations of my personal situation. When I’m not a publicist and publisher on a budget anymore, living under a lot less uncertainty, my writing will be a lot less influenced by attempts to adapt my words to what I think my reader would like. When I’m freed from this uncertainty – please let me know what you think, when you read it – and I can maintain myself with what I publish, I can also provide myself with an environment that allows me to (fucking) focus on my work. (Hahaha grrr….) 

There’s a huge contrast between a publishing Fangs on a budget, and an established Fangs who publishes. You’ll notice it very clearly, when you purchase my works from while I’m still undiscovered. (And with your purchase, you save my life.)

Meowss I just ate (first yoghurt with granola and later pasta carbonara left overs) and now I’m going to get ready and head over to the 5th floor of the library 😋.


16:02 (04:02 PM) 

The difference you’ll notice, is the certainty in my words. I state my philosophy – calling it my philosophy and not someone else’s, because I don’t use any other person’s work for reference material – as an unacknowledged independent authority. Becoming an acknowledged independent authority, is never certain, in my current situation. I try to hide the uncertainty in every word, in Volta – the factors that cause the uncertainty are still stated in the book, though. 

My words are often just abstract descriptions of the shit that is really going on. With Volta, I want to change that. I don’t want to hide the way I truly experience life anymore. But there are some factors that leave me no choice but to hide this, because they’ll limit me in my being, the way they did the last time I expressed this. Volta will help me get rid of those factors, and give me real freedom. It will do the same for you. It could also cause a shift in the system, if my readers follow my initiative. 

When I say “system”, I mean the mechanism that combines the economic system (financial, the choices we have available, …), with the system of law, politics, et cetera. That what we are (or the majority is) subjected to. 

I’ll be doing some revision and start on my third chapter xxx


20:24 (08:24 PM) 

Haha the progress is looking well. I’m already on my way back home, though. I’m crazy hungry and I’m in the mood for food with a nice taste… I kept writing until my laptop battery died. 

After dinner and some rest, I’ll continue. My mother is taking me to a very good restaurant tomorrow, to have lunch. It’s called Bridges. I’m looking forward to the experience. It means a lot less time to write, though… But I’ll be fine… 

The controversy in the third chapter, is hilarious. Haha my philosophy behind my attitude towards society, is included in the chapter about “social comfort”. Of course, it’s there to be Volta’d 🙂 . The book has a happy ending. (When it’s read haha… I need money for my Volta.)

After Volta‘s release, I should be able to take myself on a real holiday… Right…? Meoow my right eye keeps twitching from the fatigue of all of this haha…

Some insecurity about my writing, is because I’m not sure if you mentioning the shit from my personal life in a book, would be appreciated. If it were about Michael Jackson, people would appreciate it. I’m not “established” like he was. But shouldn’t there be room for new established people? Save a spot for me, please… Not for the bullshit in gossip magazines, but just some room for me to create a hype among Graeynissis and cause a shift in paradigm…