The time has come to propose my final attempt to the public. To constitute a board of an international holding that puts into practice plans for a new society. 

The most important part is that after the campaign, I receive a lot of e-mail engagement. Currently, I have only one person who, just now, accepted my verbal offer for becoming “Head Architecture and Design”. I need to make a general contract for becoming part of The D.O.C.I.S. Community. That is what I’ll do tomorrow. 

Good night



Good morning ♥

How was your night?

I’m still very tired – need a doctor x_x – but I really need to finish the ebook today, so that I can do some more effective marketing. 

Also, last night I received this horror again:

Pay it with what¿

Things I should include

  • What positions
  • After filling out the mini concord and the standing out of your motivation, you receive the contract including its terms and conditions etc
  • Right now, I have nothing when it comes to money, a network and/or working space. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done it this way. So we’re starting it together from scratch
  • The way it leads to benefits for you


    I didn’t draw that :D. That’s made by him with whom I currently live. “I am too focused on my computer.”



    Hey, I might sound like a layman right now, buy why did a German plane just land in the Netherlands? 


    I’m quite done with the ebook now, I think… I just can’t wait to hear from you “:D”. 

    I also don’t intend to become pregnant before age 30 or something… Not that I don’t like children, I just want to have all of my time free for D.O.C.I.S. International. 

    There is NO MINIMUM AGE!!! 

    And also no required previous experience


    I’ll finish the links in the free book’s article, make a link on the books page and then resort to Facebook and Instagram marketing. And then back to posting things in my diary, in the hope to find wild Graeynissis. 


    En nu moet ik dus voor een paar tientjes likes en followers gaan kopen [mijn marketingbudget hiervoor is €50] zodat mensen gaan denken dat andere mensen dit leuk vinden, want nu is er nog steeds – auwww meoww – niet genoeg engagement om er iets van te kunnen maken x_x. 

    A.k.a.: Please say something, my Cuddle :D.