04:02 (AM) 

I’m finishing up… I’m quite satisfied with the result :].

Fingers crossed @ the book being submitted to the online stores in time, “ha-ha”………. [That means I laugh while being seriously worried, by the way, hahaahaha XD. What else can I do, right¿]

06:27 (AM) 

Whoop whooooooop

07:12 (AM) 

The paperback is done as well :D.

“Haha” R.I.P. to my sleeping cycle. As the sun rises, I’m going to sleep.

Today will be an “off day”. I still have a private social network to “finish up” “:D”.

15:53 (03:53 PM)

Haha I used this iPhone to find the link to my book in the iBooks store.

(I’ll still be doing equal pricing, though…)

I posted this:

(It’s both me XD.)

17:12 (05:12 PM) 

I think I have the right marketing strategy now…  I’ve also made a fixed price. This might work :D. 

Haha I still feel the pressure as if I have to write to make my deadline. But both of the manuscripts are submitted to the stores already, and [comma and, for overview of long sentence reasons…] one out of two is available in “all international” stores already :]. [Smashwords, Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Overdrive, Kobo, Scribd, etc…]

One of the few packages is delivered 😀 [no paid ad, just like all other things of brands I show]

To form my own opinion about popular content…

19:05 (07:05 PM) 

I’m at the mall with my mother now. I asked her if she was going to take her car to work today, because I wanted to buy new travel bags. 

She then told me she had the day off and proposed to go together. I said aiight. 

I just bought two SD cards (one for my phone, one for my camera because I used that one for my Nintendo Switch).

My mother bought me cream, oil and tea. 

I’m now fitting suits :p

Tallness (“Tallniss”) issues haha

Doen of niet doen¿

I got itt, since I’ve lost quite some weight and thus don’t fit my grey (haha Graey) suit anymore. I mean if I’ll be solliciting in Beverly Hills… 

I’m looking for short stay apartments there :].

Haha if I were to give a lecture, I’d rather wear a custom made suit, or a dress. 

Ah meow I’m so excited for travelling :D. Now I have a budget for doing things and eating hahahahaha. So I have a chance to meet new people now. And I could get a rental car for longer hehe. 

22:55 (10:55 PM) 


I bought us sushi for dinner. I was so hungry that I asked for part of it to eat while we were waiting for the rest haha

My mother bought me this suitcase

Some other stufff I bought for myselff

I bought the oil “against cellulite”, not because I have cellulite, but because I hope that will restore the skin where I’ve been going hammer, because this eczema is on another level. I do not want to see my phycisian, though. To switch to another one, I still need to go past her? [Haha why ask someone you want to sue for help, right? The last time I saw her, I asked for serious assistance, because I could barely walk. She told me she only wanted to speak to “my psychiatric nurse”, because she had spoken my mother about “Benoît as my psychosis” and doubted if I was still “wilsbekwaam”. I let her speak to her for a few minutes and then just left, because she said: “I’ll only help you when you stop refusing the antipsychotics.”]

I’m now going to bring my sister to her boyfriend’s.