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Good morning, My Cuddle

What would you like to be the first thing for us to do when we get together? 

For me, it would be talking in a cuddling position. In Cuddle culture, it is normal to do this amically, whether it is in an informal setting or not. It is so nice to feel the warm embrace of someone who is a true friend. “You can feel the mutual amical love through his or her embrace.” (I’m talking as if I’m used to experiencing that hahahahahah.) We have so much to talk about!!! (So let’s get started ASAP :D.) 


I’ve been writing the text for the Project Nosce Te Ipsum page on my phone. I think that, after that, I could just take this page out of “public maintenance mode”? [After I’ve changed the footer text as well.] 

The 175+ page first Nosce Te Ipsum episode was written in 14 days. The second episode, of about 50 pages, was written in 24 hours. I wonder what the rate of satisfaction would be, if I’d compare the current “waiting time” to amount of pages of the current new Nosce Te Ipsum episode. I’ve chosen to replace them, because I want to make it more clear to you how to engage in the project and mention the back story a lot less. Some “members” of my audience have requested me to shorten the back story (about escaping from being structurally limited…) and speak about my business strategy in more detail. I will not mention the back story and describe HOW TO ENGAGE in this business a lot more. If you’re out to just get rich and then sit on your pile of money, watching Netflix, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO BE. HANDS OFF THE BUSINESS STRATEGY THAT HASN’T BEEN PUT INTO PRACTICE EVER BEFORE. IT’S MINE!!!!! I WANT TO USE IT TO DO GOOD AND CONTRIBUTE. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE NUMBERS (unless it’s the “algorithms” used to research all aspects of life) YOU UN-CUDDLE! 

At first, I wanted to make the release of the websites and the book (episode) release “something big”, but I realize my target audience is immune to marketing campaigns. Plus, I’d like for this entire project to be out of the spotlight. I think it has more room to trive, then, because then it’s easier for me to attract Graeynissis, who need to keep a low profile (or a graet (haha) amount of Graeynissis NEEDS TO STEP FORWARD) and not involve the masses who are not able to understand my writing. Those people just blurt out whatever pessimistic shit comes to mind, because they understand separate sentences, but not the full concept. “It is not right for the director to come across these explicit pictures of you.” (I said: “It’s just my body?”)
“You need to work on your sentence structure and punctuation. This looks very unprofessional. Professionals will not like that.” I wanted to say: “DO IT YOURSELF. DON’T READ IT IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT. YOU PROBABLY DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND IT? REAL GRAEYNISSIS CARE ABOUT THE MEANING OF THE CONTENT AND NOT ABOUT HOW IT’S SHAPED.” But I don’t like conflicts, so I just added the DOTS and SEMICOLONS TO THE DRAFT this person pointed out my mistakes in. PEOPLE LOVE TO POINT OUT MY MISTAKES? IF I’D DO THE SAME TO THEM, I WOULD NEVER STOP TALKING. DON’T GET ME STARTED. DON’T FORGET THAT THEY DON’T KNOW THEIR PURPOSE. I DO NOT WANT THEIR ADVICE. 

Please step forward, my Graeyniss. We need to do this AS A COUNCIL. D. O. C. I. S. International’s website will, on the back-end, have a private forum/social network for Council members. I know you don’t want to work with just anyone. It’s the same for me, but scripture has a “cryptonite” effect on people, so I can just write it down here. Those who could, one day, let’s say we’d become emancipated Graeynissis, be digging for things to make me look bad, and make it seem like we’re the bad guys, would not know where to start looking ;). The pressure they cause should be illegal. I’m not even an official Graeyniss yet. This would be when The Council goes truly public. By that time, Planet Fang should be claimed already. The sooner, the better. Letting go is gooooood, in this case :D. The structure of how you should arrange and value the sapiens in your life, is the ideal you have been taught to live. I say, for us, it’s time for something new. Yes these sapiens might mention how much they care about you, EVEN THOUGH THEY DON’T EVEN TRULY KNOW YOU, when you say what type of lifestyle you secretly prefer, because you make their life more Cuddle. But you’re not their butler (unless that is your profession, of course……). You know your purpose is not to keep the consumption organ running. [It’s crazy how the government is a group of people who feel like they’re entitled to influence everyone’s fate, take a cuts of your earnings and spendings while not doing anything in return. I don’t know about other governments, from what they make public, but the damage the Dutch government has done, does and will do if they won’t start to seriously think of REAL measures when this country risks to be flooded. This because it’s the literal “current threat”. But AS USUAL, the masses are being distracted with “Breaking News: In Britain, someone named Mohammed couldn’t enter the country and was then given a substitute passport.” AND THAT IS ON THE DUTCH NEWS? WHAT’S THE FUCKING POINT OF KNOWING THAT????? IT’S NOT EVEN AN INTERESTING ANECDOTE? TELL ME ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE TRULY GOING TO DO WHEN THE DIKES BREAK. (IT HAS TUNNELS.) THEN I CAN DECIDE IF I RUN TODAY OR RUN TOMORROW? (Not literally… (Because I don’t have enough money for that, haha. Otherwise I would have been gone waaay back already.))

To “make people drink less” they want to increase taxes (“accijns”) on alcoholic beverages (regular tax is already 21%…). AND THEN PEOPLE DEFEND THAT MEASURE. YES, YOU’RE VERY ENCOURAGED TO CUT DOWN YOUR SPENDINGS, BUT FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT MEASURE WOULD JUST MEAN ENDING UP PAYING MORE FOR SOMETHING “YOU MUST NOT DO”.

13:40 (01:40 PM) 

You know what I see from my father being on a holiday? The amount of flies in the house is WAY MORE THAN USUAL. He uses this thing he calles “his tennis racket” to kill them while he’s watching TV (which is what is done by the rest of this houshold when being home). I do not like to kill insects (or animals or whatever). Also, they just shouldn’t be here? 

I don’t want to sound like “de prinses op de erwt” (what they call me), but if MY HOUSE would have flies and larva and shit, and I would earn more than €10.000,- per month, I would THROW OUT EVERYTHING, MOVE OR AT LEAST HIRE A FUCKING HOUSKEEPER. I WOULD ALSO GIVE MY CILDREN AN ALLOWANCE TO ALLOW THEM TO MOVE OUT TO AT LEAST A SIMILAR NEIGHBORHOOD, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE TV IS ON EVEN WHEN YOU SLEEP AND THAT SHIT WILL BE KEEPING ME AWAKE AGAIN :D. (Yes. I am doing this indirectly. This is the only way I can stand up for myself. 

Spot the fly line. I took this yesterday, but felt too ashamed of sharing it. It’s almost like they posed for me?

Should I call the “insect patrol”? I am not able to pay them… 

My sister does her own laundry. I am too tired to do mine. I am [yes, started the sentence with “I am” again] doing the dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, trying to keep this place semi-neat, while I tell everyone I’m studying, but actually I am writing, which is what I always do. Hanging out with people (I get these requests every day, but decline them) is so stressful, because I think: “I don’t know shit about what artists or series or whatever is trending in my generation right now. I don’t give a fuck, also, even though I allow you to tell me about it. This because it will give me more time to come up with our next topic, since I won’t be able to talk about this superficial, predictable shit for more than 5 minutes.” Luckily, not everyone in my generation is a zombie who lives for “doing nothing” while gazing at superficial, predictable things. But “unfortunately”(?), the numbers are still very great. 

16:20 (04:20 PM) 

I’m eating this egg right now. This is my first meal of the day. I won’t do the usual “breakfast & bake” (I am talking about weed?).

I wasn’t able to finish this :[

Wild picture of what I prepared for my sister, her boyfriend and I, but ended up eating by myself

Mag ik een Cuddle? :[ I’m feeling un-cuddle :[. 

It’s pre-calculated genocide, teaching young children they can die any second, “because of how powerless we are against nature”. I remember being so worried about this, and then the people in my environment saying: “Boeien. Het is toch niet nu?” A.k.a.: “That only is a problem when it happens.” It already happend “relatively” recently… Search “De Watersnoodramp” and then translate the page? (Then you see the Dutch perspective.) 

The infrastructure should be organized in such a way that basically the entire country could be evacuated. But the country is already WAAAAAY too overpopulated for that. (Plus if you, as a government, say no to immigrants [is what they say on the news here. I don’t know what the truth is, though…], you should say no to Dutch immigrants as well?) The amount of traffic jams on such random times of day……. (That sentence is an indirect reference to the sentence before that.) 

Also, what is in the containers in the harbour in Schiemond? From the apartment building we used to live in, that harbour was our “view”… I have been chilling there with people I met around right before I started to work at the ANWB (I now don’t work there anymore. But you already knew that?). The smell in the air there is faaaaaaar from healthy. What is in those containers? They’re just standing there, it seems… 

Google Images doesn’t have images of this, but on Maps it is slightly visible.

This “millions of people risk being drowned” should become an actively internationally discussed topic? 

I think this is a very good reason to speed-release NTI I(A), which is the short way of saying Nosce Te Ipsum I, Book I, Episode 1. We need to start to construct this island asap!!! (I already have some sketches.) 

First, I will be buying groceries and taking out the trash. Meow I’m so done with thattttttt. 

17:48 (05:48 PM) 

Here’s a website you can check to see if you will die or not when shit goes down: http://www.overstroomik.nl.

(How the fuck (AND WHY?) do they pre-calculate the water level?) For me, the outcome is:

Notice the “less than 1% chance” and then the “tomorrow”. I do not understand how people settle for this.

They say pack your bags? When…???

There could be a brain drain (as far as that’s possible)? This is not a bad thing, because those who should care are too busy watching Netflix, not even trying to put their minds to it.

Okay okay ENOUGH OF THIS!!! Aarghhhh it’s on my mind so much. Part of me was looking forward to the colder seasons, because they allow you to cuddle up more, but it can be raining for almost entire days here…. 

Okay, I “should be focusing on my exams”. Actually, I don’t want to study at all. I like learning, but studying for tests et cetera is such a “same thing, same pressure, different subject” thing. I like to receive study financing, otherwise I would have to have a full time job (since my parents choose to not give me an allowance (not even for my health or phone bills)) to cover my expenses, and that would not leave time for me to write, which is, apart from cuddling, what I like to do most. Or maybe it’s just the reasoning? 

I don’t like writing all by myself that much, though. Especially not now. These last 5 days I have spent all by myself. Partially, this was a choice. But in another way I had no other option, because my body and mind need to recuperate, and shallow conversations have a very opposite effect on me. Hiding my annoyance or hurt is starting to get to me. 

What would be the point of me having a degree? If there’s no way I’d work 40 hours ever again, but with my current level of degrees (and that is the only measure these fucking dumb people use), that would be the only way to find an apartment (in a neighborhood I actually don’t want to live in, because I prefer quiet areas) and pay for my basic essentials. Any other parent (who isn’t greedy) would be more generous with an income of at least €10.000,- per month. I don’t like that my environment is non-cooperative with getting my career off the ground. All I want in life is to make a difference by putting my concepts and inventions into practice. I’m not here to “just have fun” because I think the type of things the masses find fun these days are WAAAAAY toooo fucking boring. If you’ve done it once, you’ve done it for all eternity.

The only way I could ever be truly happy is if I would find TRULY like-minded people (with similar judgment), who have plans at least just as big as mine. If I talk to someone about writing, I do not want to hear all about what that person finds wrong about my writing. It hurts too much. I shouldn’t adapt my writing to anyone. (Yet still I end up explaining myself more than once more often, because I’d like everyone to understand this.) 

I would love to hear EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING you have written! And what moves you and what kind of other interests you have. My Cuddleniss :D. I think our age difference would make the conversation even more interesting! 

Why may I not wear no bra in public? It’s just my body? 

19:56 (07:56 PM) 

I have no apetite? I still need to make dinner. There are many left-overs in the (not by me) overstacked fridge 

[Mid Free Online Episode 1]

Suddenly, while Holy Cat absorbs The Most Attractive One’s Hologram, a man enters the room. Let’s call him Deltaplan. 

My house? Nahhhhhhhhh thank you :D. I need an investor?

Kan jij de stormvloedkeringen ook zien zitten? Wanneer gaan we weg?  😀 Caaaatttttttttttttttt ( –    3  – )


If I would publish my book tonight, before 05:50, would you purchase it? The book gives you a new title, if you complete the Nosce Te Ipsum course, for which you receive a certificate and a renewed CV. 

How many people would like to move to Planet Fang? The house and Fangia (valuta) you receive through our parliament and senate, are based on your Nosce Te Ipsum answers. 

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Let’s go to Luxembourg? I have never been there before. And that while it is so close to the Netherlands!!!! 

Or does someone have a party island? I could borrow? 😀 Buy? Expand?