Those who call me an “ideological cancer” and then when I ask them why they call me that keep their mouths shut are cancerously, embarrassingly bad at verbally defending themselves.

As usual, though I consider having the theoretical knowledge a requirement for every single rational being in existence, if content I want to distribute for a premium is distributed for free without my consent, then it is only depressing for me to pursue creating the content, so I will abstain from it.

What I do against my own boredom, however, I do not mind sharing for free.

In English (opens in new tab) –!AhevpAkFFwyIl0FQAnqBqfA8iaEw

In Dutch (opens in new tab) –!AhevpAkFFwyIlz9CKH0U83vRFaV5

In Russian (for learning syntax purposes) (opens in new tab) –!AhevpAkFFwyIl0NSomkAwPwBxYaR

Instead of writing it, given that I have already reasoned out the overall storyline and have no further serious intentions with it, like I was doing this just to keep myself busy, I’m considering to make a recording of myself just telling the story. (Which then will still be an improvisation.) It is based on the present.