Yesterday, I didn’t post here. Writing a blog post takes quite some time. Time I used to make efficient D.O.C.I.S. progress (and make soup and do other duties).

What is visible in The D.O.C.I.S. store now is what I did two nights ago. I spent almost the same amount of time preparing the store back-end and front-end for those 4 books, as I did for 36 books today. The first 4 books, I sought the cover image, updated my assortment details on Excel (including formulating a D.O.C.I.S. Code for each book) and filled out the product page book by book. Now I have Excel and the collection of cover images ready to be put on the product pages. This will speed up my process a lot. Here you can see what will be available before August 23rd:

This is just the beginning 😀

I’m already loving this store and it’s not even finished yet! ♥

Around 11 AM I’ll get started with making the other product pages (now on a more comfortable pace yays). I might even still publish a product  or two right now, because it’s quite addictive somehow and I want to see everything done so very much. If I continue on this pace, I’ll be done before August 23rd for sure. 😀 My brand will be done by the time I give my speech…

Yess my proposal to give a speech is practically approved yaaayyyy 😀 ♥ I wish my essay for it were finished already, because then the person who is in charge of the event knows what to expect better haha… But [spoiler alert¿] it will be great philosophical and inspirational business-ish fun with a Kahoot-like quiz at the end to seal yays. (Though I’ve been looking for quiz presentation software where, basically, every answer given gives the user a score and the total score gives the user a profile, and that profile will be used for group assignments. So you give answers on multiple choice questions about opinion, where, for example, a score 0 – 25 means that you dislike change and prefer things to stay the same and 75 – 100 means that you embrace change. I can’t find presentation software where results are added up question by question. Only that stats show after every single answer. If this type of software doesn’t exist (yet), I could also either count for the attendants using a blackboard, or let the audience count by themselves. That depends on how many people attend…) It’s basically my debut as a public speaker, but I won’t call it that because then people will look at me like I’m a rookie, which I’m not :x. Plus I’m getting paid for it yayy more space to breathe. These web domains are some investment. Might as well start earning it back…

Furthermore, today I’ll visit doctor Catje in Amsterdam. And – was good at this but since 2017 I quite suck at being direct – I’m trying to rid myself of this Rotterdam-based psychiatric surveillance I’m under (of which the dr. Catje second opinion is part of my strategy), but I keep saying “yes” to talks I don’t want to have. I don’t know why I’ve been sounding so appreciative about it – probably just happy to be out of the crisis center. Plus then there is empathy and I don’t want my diary to be a thorn in someone’s eye. But seriously though I don’t gain anything from their surveillance. I don’t know why I’m still so lenient towards it. Especially now that I’m making this progress meow damn. Two days ago, I received an invitation letter for an intake for a different department of the Rotterdam-based psychiatric organization that is still keeping tabs on me (which all started with that request from my parents over two years ago). I called it off today. Because my Thursdays are saved for dr. Catje. But that won’t make them stop seeking contact with me… If I want to talk to them, I’d reach out to them… I really need to proclaim a louder “no” against any intake chat. I’ve seriously had over 20 psychiatric intake-like conversations. Every time people ask an hour of my time to talk to me, and then when I’m there I get the question: “Why are you here? What are your life problems?” That’s my greatest problem. Anyway changing the topic…

At first, when I started to set up The D.O.C.I.S. Store, I was thinking “Will people actually be interested in buying books here…? 🙁 ” But yes meowww I need to add a little explanatory text on why the prices are relatively high and why there is only a very specific selection of books sold. You get a special gift with every purchase meow (D.O.C.I.S. notebooks, scarves, ties, socks, calculators, wine, etc…) and it will be wrapped in a special box and there will be a D.O.C.I.S. ribbon around your package (ahahaha :x), the paper order summary that comes with your purchase will be personalized, and so on…. Can you imagine being part of the D.O.C.I.S. Book Club? 😻 😻 😻 (That’s an even better deal meowww…) The D.O.C.I.S. Store is only for people who value authentic quality over price. Plus it will be hand-packaged and hand-shipped, which I can’t do in a lower price range. (It’s my student side-job, so I can’t handle 100 orders a day and thus it’s better if my pricing is a little strategically unattractive… Plus my store is for nerds and the world doesn’t have enough nerds. Haha nerd. (Says the nerd.)) You will love this as much as I do, if you’re not also loving it already. 😀

Meow I’ll be adding like 2 more books and then I’m going to sleep. I might update my blog again later. Though I’ve been spending quite some time behind my screen lately and I want to cut down on that again… But then again, there is plenty enough time to be screenless (and dancing like a wild Catje) when I’m in Curaçao. 😀

By the way meow this is extreme. I’ve never had 5 mosquitoes in my room at the same time? Lil sting party over here. 🙁

Ciaooo xxx

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