03:54 (AM)

The most important part of my list is done. My websites are updated with The Hypothesis.

I’m now going to relax until I may finally see the person who I really want to have in my life. I have worked very hard, though unpaid, and have deserved a moment to relax my brain.

Of course, I’m tasked with making dinner today. Other than that, I’m going to do non-business-related things I’m in the mood for. Yes, on a Monday.


19:00 (07:00 PM)

I decided to “keep it simple”. So that I have enough time to visit the gym 🙂 .

Oh my godd and when I get the attention I deserve, I am going to destroyyyy the Dutch health care system. They keep charging me with random shit, saying it’s “eigen bijdrage” (aside from the mandatory montly subscription), while I can’t even go to the doctor in this god forsaken country.

(Because my physician believes that I’m a schizophrenic and therefore my health complaints are not real to her, and the phycisian is “the gateway to access to health care” in this system. I find that she deserves to be put in her place for discriminating me. This is memtion in my diary in detail quite a few times.)


22:17 (10:17 PM)

The gym was niceee *heart eyes cat emoji*. I love to decompress.

I was just doing my warming up and my heart rate shows 166… for what? I was not even sprinting… Tachycardia strikes again (alwaysss) x_x.

It was my first time visiting “the new gym”, now that the previous gym I was a member of, has done a buy-out on its property.

It’s “nice” that it’s right next to the dyke, because that really makes me feel like running. (You know, just looking at it and visualizing the IJssel raiding down it. I fear not being able to survive, by drowning in an attempt to escape the high-speed waves x_x.) And it’s much closer to “home” than the previous gym. Plus, they have better punching bags 🙂 .

I’m going for a Thai boxing class tomorrow 😀 .

Now I’m going to finish my second dinner (because gym sessions make me crazy hungry), take a shower and brain-to-brain communication chill with my B (which is what, truthfully, I always do when I’m alone (which is alwaysssss)) until I fall asleeep.

Good night 🙂 xxx

(The new update for the WordPress app I use on my phone, causes me to not be able to use non-basic emojis in my updates anymore 🙁 . )