If not for us all, then at least for me, things are coming to an end. Regardless what happens next, this part of the journey, for me if not for us all, is over. Just because we find ourselves in the dawn of September 2020.

Though my content is easily misunderstood and right now it is – as long as it is not over yet – more convenient for me to keep a low profile both online and offline, I’d like to address three topics just to mentally satisfy those who do somehow see the good in what I do. (Somehow as in somehow they know and somehow they understand.)

1) End of a Time & End of Time

End of a Time

How it Started

Before my life took a turn for the worse, I used to condemn people who share their private problems on the public side of the internet. Part of me still does, but I can’t fully condemn because, though motives may differ, I am like them in a way.

The motive that makes me condemn people who share their private problems on the public side of the internet, is doing it for attention and/or appreciation of other people, just for an ego or adrenaline boost. I still can’t stand it. Just the thought of being associated with that kind of people ties a knot in my stomach, but if people who don’t know me want to draw incorrect conclusions about me and speak negatively about me, I gladly accept. Gladly, because at some point the truth will be in their faces undeniably and their actions will have consequences they cannot escape. (I’m sorry I love revenge. Here are the lessons: think before you judge, actions have unchangeable consequences sometimes, do not question my intelligence and in the end the good is stronger than the bad.)

I once published my first book with very private information of mine, because I needed someone to help me. (The project was for the development of the masses and the private information was for the help of a handful of useful people.) Usually in private conflicts, I argue with someone either until one of us lays down the best argument or until we choose de-escalation over settling the argument by combat. But this private conflict included controversy about the state of my mental health and controversy about who was to blame for the impact a certain viral campaign has had on my relationships and my career perspectives. A highly sensitive subject that had me in a 90 versus 1 situation. I needed someone to help me escape.

The Controversy

The reason why I decided on an odd digital scream for help instead of settling things in private is because there is no consensus here: either you agree or you disagree. These are the facts: I lost the right to make decisions about my own body, I lost the right to remain silent, a viral controversial message was sent about me without my consent and my life has never been the same since this happened. Whether this was done rightfully or not is controversial. I say that other people have caused this hell for me, others say that I have caused this hell for myself. (I take responsibility for my actions when I find that my actions are the cause.) Those who disagree with me are dead to me. That’s a whole lot of dead people… So many that only a complete stranger can save me from all of this.

Meanwhile, I have saved myself from half of this. The difference between all and half is that in this life one needs some sort of career to be able to provide for oneself, and the career I aspire to have does not start off until I have received an endorsement. The type of person who can give me this endorsement is not part of my circle, so again I depend on complete strangers. I don’t need a complete stranger to save me from living among my enemies anymore, though. When it comes to that, I have saved myself.

In the dawn of September 2020, the pieces of that part of my puzzle fall into place. Because instead of expressing myself when I disagree with someone, I have been responding with affirmation. When people say “On the internet you write things you don’t say face-to-face, so what you say on the internet is a lie,” I basically respond with “Yes, I’m lying,” while I’m not. I stay silent instead of telling people who are dead to me that they’re dead to me, because where do I go to seclude myself, when I live in the house of people who are dead to me and when I have friends who are friends with people who are dead to me? I had to keep the peace, at least in person, while attempting to escape (in multiple ways, you know, witness protection program via psychiatry attempt, United States, Germany, Victor…). I have no intentions of telling the people who are dead to me that they’re dead to me, because I deeply hate talking to them. And what’s the point of that conversation? I never want to see them again. They will die if they try to keep me in their lives while I don’t want to be a part of it.

End of a Time

My process of silent permanent distancing – for which I had to appeal to my right to education – is leading towards its conclusion. Getting my propedeutics would have been a “mooi meegenomen” in this one. I’m living in my “hideout spot” using money I should not be using. From September onward, it becomes more likely that I won’t be able to pay my rent anymore, which has to be settled somehow, and it will become very clear that I will never go “home” again. I am not a student anymore, yet I am staying here. 

Regardless what happens next, there will be skeletons. If somehow my enemies would be right about me being an egocentric person who only cares about money and fame and carelessly screwing people over along the way, I would kill myself for being such a horrible person going so far against my morals just to be right about something. (Pinky swear.) If I am right about not having caused this trouble, a lot of people will lose their jobs (because they are not following the law/protocols they are supposed to follow), and – if I get the real satisfaction – a lot of people will be sentenced to death, the health care system will be reformed (Europe) et cetera. Whether those skeletons will be literally or figuratively does not depend on which of the two decisions is made: it depends on how it is made.

Though I’m not sure how this will play out socially, I have accomplished the first part of my personal Volta: permanent social distancing (haha oh wow the coronavirus patent is not mine just so you know… I don’t want to be framed again haha…). I will never see my enemies again. No more barbecues, no more birthdays, no more Christmas et cetera… It comes with the sting of grief, but in a way it’s such a relief. It’s liberating.

As for the second part, that of my career, I depend on your endorsement. A platform/business is nothing without haters and fans. Not unfortunately. I look forward to having friends again. *smooth face kissy emoji*

Somehow, on this escape path where I was more focused on getting away than on making something of myself, I met someone who qualified for my extremely high business partner, potential best friend, 100% hot attractive, body type, husband material standards. It must have been fate. He goes by the name of Victor. When I first entered head over heels mode on this blog, I named him “Vicje”. (Zo van “liefje”.) Until I was like, “Nee dit kan echt niet.” You see, what I hadn’t mentioned from the start is his Titan height. (Oceanus?) I don’t like when the first thing people do – or ever – is point out my race. With that same attitude, I did not point out his height. But if you are shorter than 165 cm (5″5), you will be staring against his crotch. In other words, just from his physical appearance alone, he makes the perfect Praesens of my intimidating business. (I didn’t know that people that tall could have such handsome facial features.) But of course also because of the philosophical depth of his speeches, his very direct but loving way of communication and just because he is the most underrated person I’ve ever seen. If he is not a “BN’ner” who appears in whatever broadcasts every single day, then this entire system is dead to me. He is THE D.O.C.I.S. role model. Victishe. *cat heart eyes emoji* Both literally and figuratively, you will finally have someone to look up to. I just love him so much. (I swear if I’d ever hear him say that his body is a prison… I’m so done with the Netherlands, you know that? Haha meow I’d gladly liberate. (In “the Middle East” when people get tortured in some way, at least it goes viral… (Lol edgy…)))

I “planted a seed “in him”” (sorry I can’t say it in a less odd way) back in Amsterdam, though he is on my mind every single day, until yesterday not realizing that the situation estimate described in that odd long message of mine, could still come true. For the record: I’m not dating him nor have I ever dated him. We’re barely even friends. We hardly know each other. But I am very certain that my feelings – of both professional and sexual attraction (I ensure you they can go hand-in-hand) – are right about him. He can help me carry out my career related project, I can help him live more comfortably. Therefore I want him to be the key, but trustworthy external facilitators are needed to set this all in motion. (I don’t think he fits in an SUV. (Regentesque lifestyle confirmed.)) Will you endorse?

The question for you is: would you rather please the masses or defend the rights of the individual? (Taking into consideration the strengths and flaws of both. (What are they lol.))

Fangs’s Volta

In other words: give me money and I will gladly never bring up this heart shattering story that is my current reality ever again. (Unless you want me to. For me it sounds like a broken record, but any story you’re interested in hearing, I’ll gladly tell you in person if you ask.) If not, you will have chosen to please the masses and I will choose to die by my own sword. This is the last time I’m writing it here. The clock is ticking, in the dawn of September 2020.

It is the end of a time for me, because there is now a thick line that indicates what “my past” will be, either because I will live many years after this one, or because I will die soon.

End of Time

That openly expressing appreciation for president Trump is “forbidden”, I knew from the start. But that everything else around the development of society in this age is political and not scientific, I think I know that not longer than a year. Though that is not what “woke” means, I “woke up” to this realization pretty late. As in this is the first election year(s) that I’m fully aware of this, while others are already used to hearing this same old song for decades. Even for most of this blog, I hardly dared to question things like climate change and the free range in sexual orientation, because I considered the “common scientific” (actually political) beliefs about this as “facts”.

Is it just for me, or when you look into your introspective glass ball and ask yourself: “What will society look like in 2022?”, in contrast to having been able to decently predict the course of insanity until now, the inner returns: “What society?”

Are you telling me that we are either facing another 4 years of crescendo (as if it can continue to escalate for 4 more years… The maximum is when things go nuclear and given the current level of insanity that will take less than 4 years) anti-Trump, anti-right-wing propaganda where everything that is actually fruitful is boycotted, or 4 years in which society will be pushed into oblivion at warp speed?

Are you telling me that leftists are so out of touch with reality that when people try to win you over by saying “We are going to raise taxes,” they respond with “Woohoo”? This while tax money is now wasted on zoetsappige organizations like the WHO, the UN, the EU et cetera, and they say they will raise taxes but they don’t even have a decent spending plan for it. Just blindly raising the taxes people are wasting their lives away to earn.

It feels like the end of time. Because it seems impossible to go on like this. I mean in absolute terms, the system can go on forever, but in relative terms it is almost worn out. For the better, if instead of health care for all, attention is paid to making people healthy enough to not need health care at all. There is no way out of this lockdown. Because people would have to lift themselves off of their pedestals and their egos seem to heavy for that. Capitalism can never solve a pandemic. Why are people paying for masks? You can’t be telling me that the holy coronavirus vaccine comes with a price tag? Fangyism focuses on what is needed and what is possible, where material compensation is based on the real amount of contribution, just saying… (That is the opposite of socialism and the fair version of capitalism.)

If you need election campaign artillery, I’m here.

I did something nostalgic last night… *giggles*

I don’t know what you used to do when you were twelve, but together with my friends I used to rate who of our classmates were hot and who were not, who had cute butts etc. So I decided to rate some of the people who I consider attractive, who I digitally see often and/or are on my mind often… “Total package” on a scale of 1 – 10 *’s…

> List of Catjes

Victishe: *********** (off the charts damnnn)
Pewdie petje: **********
(Angelina Jolie: ********** (not on mind, but for indication.))
Ben Shapiro: ********
Catthierry: *******
Derrick Gradenigo: *******
Selin: *******
Alexandra: *******
Mike Pence: ******
MarCatje: ******
Grayson Dolan: ******
(George Clooney: ****** (again, indication.))

This is done in 100% direct honesty. Not being mentioned on the list doesn’t say anything. (I also have a scale of vomit emojis, but will keep that to myself…?)

I’ll be taking a nap… kusje x [13:17 (01:17 PM) CEST]

Sorry liefjes, my sleep schedule has gone vampire mode again, going into hibernation in the afternoon again… I’m going to make myself a quick dinner now and then I’ll continue writing. [18:31 (06:31 PM) CEST]

I’m continuing now, while eating. x [19:20 (07:20 PM) CEST]

2) Balance and Survival Related Behavior

For the second topic of informing and entertaining my dear readers material, I’m giving you a beta theory of mine. In my video On Racism, I mentioned the suggestion of using level of intelligence and balance between estrogen and testosterone as the factors for group-based decision making, instead of age, race and gender (and sexual orientation). Here’s another theory of mine that can get me cancelled.

When looking at today’s human beings and the things they do to survive, I think a very strong parallel between animals can be drawn. By surviving, I mean the basic distinguishing oneself enough to be able to eat, type of desire of social interaction and making sure that one lives on. Here, I will distinguish between naturally biologically visible genders male and female, and “mental gender” determined by whether estrogen or testosterone is the relatively more prevalent hormone for him/her. I’m saying that because if, for example, someone is naturally born physically female, that does not mean that estrogen dominates her. That does not make her “not female”, but it does make her not a “typical” female. (Referring to myself in third person lol.) In modern language, I’m talking about the normalization of “bruh girls”. This is not about transgenderism.

Those who are not strong must be smart. Some are not strong at all and very smart. The use of physical violence is (fully) illegalized in most countries, victimhood gets you more power than resilience, bureaucracy exists, discussions about eternally controversial topics are put on the forefront, everything is sexualized… A lot of “feminists” will disagree with me on this, but estrogen and therefore “femininity” dominates society.

Twerking, flashing body parts, playing (sex related) mind games, cancel culture* and acting as if you like someone you actually don’t like (while barely having any knowledge) are common “estrogen based survival tactics”. For both women and men. (Where “even I” am like: “D… damn *gets sweaty* are you doing that for me?” (And then common sense kicks in.))

When it comes to things like welfare and other forms of governmental aid, I think it is best to “practicalize” these forms of aid and use the previously named categories for determination. Exactly how and whether or not this is a good idea is still in beta development.

* Cancel culture is one of the dumbest trends of today. Like forcing someone to apologize changes what a person actually thinks and/or changes what has happened. It’s really the dumbest form of submission ever invented. Stupid jealous masochists. I’d love to be canceled, so that when people tell me “Apologize!” I can tell them: “NO. FUCK YOU, BITCH. I SAID WHAT I SAID. SEND ME DEATH THREATS AND YOU WILL DIE FIRST BITCH I WILL FIGHT UNTIL DEATH!!!”

Also, am I the only one who thinks that females who take frequent birth control pills turn into awful people? Please stop taking that shit, eat healthy, exercise and (by doing that) start thinking like a normal (in contrast to artificial) person again. Capitalism is disgusting.

I will “disregard” immortalizing a handful fruitful of everyone and annihilating the rest for eternal yays. It’s a beta theory, still in development. 🙂 Thoughts this far?

Had I shared my latest random trippy playlist yet? (No.)

3) Takeover Strategy

I’ve been planting hella seeds these past few years. Figuratively. Of course, I cannot give you the full plan like this safely. But if correct, if you matter, you at least remember some of the things I’ve been writing over the past few years. In my opinion, regardless how this plays out, we will have the most fun we’ve ever had. Finally not holding back anymore. Even if I’d die on the first day, I’d rather take this leap of faith than live another day in boring globalized society. I think I’ve planned quite carefully, though and I’m very passionate about this, but do not underestimate my opponents (and therefore consider myself likely to be stronger in almost any fight). The only thing I live for is to lead this revolutionary revolt.

People who think that my age, race, gender, “working experience” and academic status determine that I am doomed to fail at this really need to shut the fuck up…

I can’t say much, but don’t alert the opponent. Don’t even tell the opponent that he/she is an opponent. Because we need to stay close. We need to talk… You know what I like to occupy my mind with, you know where to find me, you know society can’t go on like this and I am the only person alive who can do this on a global scale at once. Fangyist police and military can function as executors and guards.

Most people on this planet only make this planet a worse place. Therefore they should not be on this planet. It’s supposed to be like that and there is nothing wrong with that. History will remember them as the people who just had to go. We have plenty of information for those who wish to study them in the far future. (As far as there will be new generations.) “Their deaths were very quick, because we know both empathy and reason.”

To me, one perfect infinite generation sounds more fun than infinite generations until extinction. Because with non-Fangyists in existence, the mankind can only be pushed towards extinction.

Though I don’t know that much about this, I’m wondering if Hitler’s “list of races” was meant to be an unordered list that just indicated what type of people lived in the country. Regardless, what happened was bad, but there are still things we can learn from him.

In the Dawn of September 2020

I’ve said “No more new posts” and “Next time you see me (if you will) I’ll have personnel” very often, but I’m happy to state that my past actions have made this inevitable in the course of time. In the dawn of September 2020, a new season is starting, but the rules have changed.

My future depends on your endorsement. I hope you will choose to do business with D.O.C.I.S. International. 🙂

FangCatje signing out. I love you liefjeeeeeees.

Kusje x

22:22 (10:22 PM) CEST; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

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