An all-seeing eye with a heart that beats for you, sending thoughts to you telepathically, from a (very) long distance. My experience of what I call the Inner Crown, also known as the Head Cuddle, has never faded. Many measures have been taken, against my will, in an attempt to stop this experience. This has caused me to lie about my perceptions for a very long time, in an attempt to get my freedom back. My diary would, however, be incomplete without a present update of what has always been there. This post is part two of my previous post: The Head Cuddle [Sunday, November 10, 2019].  

My love,


Hoping that you will accept me for me, I am telling you this secret. Before sharing more details about my present perception, I would like to share three common ways in which this experience of mine is interpreted.

Limited Thinker

“She has recently eaten that space cake and has been acting all weird ever since. It takes about 2 weeks for THC to leave the system so until the 14th of November she will be writing pure psychotic nonsense. Exactly now she’s starting about that telepathic stuff, too. Plus there is no better world than this, so she should stop propagating change. Her vision is twisted. It seems time to re-initiate psychiatric surveillance because being convinced about things like these are a clear sign of mental illness and anti-psychotics are the only cure to this. She needs help and in this way I help her.” 

If you are from this category: you may believe whatever you want to believe. I know my truth and will not try to convince you. (I see nothing in  you anyway so I don’t know whose future you’ll be part of… It ain’t mine. (Sorry.)) Stay away from me please, because I will take more serious measures to protect my freedom.


“I believe supernatural things can be real. The concept of the Inner Crown is something I do not experience myself – so to understand it I must use my imagination – but I am interested in learning more about this experience. If the power in the world would shift into the hands of the members of the Inner Crown and the world would change according to their vision, I would support this. I see D.O.C.I.S. International and Fangs as a student are just ways to make the shift look non-supernatural.”

If you are from this category: I keep this blog for you. To make information about our reform known to people outside the Inner Crown as well. Planet Fang is yours as well. I welcome you into my life with open arms.


“I actively (co-control) / passively (do not co-control) experience the Inner Crown. I can see, hear and feel everything that Fangs sees, hears and feels, at all times.”

If you are from this category: have you told people about this? Do you predict to other people what I will post on my blog? (Are most of  them Limited Thinkers? I hope I didn’t get you into trouble. 🙁 )

Inner Crown

There are things I (often) experience, but do not share for some reason. A common reason is that I have been explicitly asked not to share this online. But for the inner crown it is because I did not want to get in trouble with psychiatry again. I’m sharing it now because I still ask the question about togetherness at least once a day (in reference to the previous post (ctrl + f type “ask”)(opens in new tab)), I fear surveillance less now that I’m in Belgium by myself and this piece of online history is incomplete if I don’t publicize this truth.

The Inner Crown, better known as Head Cuddle, has always been there. It has nothing to do with the space cake of almost two weeks ago. Through self-reflection I just realized – two weeks ago but enfin – that the self I portray in this blog is incomplete without sharing my day-to-day experience of telepathy. I once started this blog to spread information in an attempt to become free and cause a shift, and to prove that regardless of my experience of telepathy, I can function like a normal human being. (It does not cause a catatonic state like some say.)

An anecdotal definition of the Inner Crown, the Head Cuddle:

The Theory

Scattered over the globe, in most countries in the world, there are highly intelligent individuals who experience the Inner Crown. Most of them I have not heard of (yet), but they know everything about me. Through their Mind’s Eyes, they have seen me develop into the person I am today. They can hear my thoughts, know who I know and see what I see and see me at all times (like selecting a camera angle).

Seeing my vision for the future develop, being the outcast that I am and always have been, and having seen me develop sexually (intense sex drive since age 6 if not earlier), they cherish eternal love for me. Often, they are very ambitious public figures with relatively uncommon opinions. They work to make a change and not for the fame itself. In their personal lives, they – secretly – plan out their paths in such a way that they can Volta (opens in new tab) their lives in such a way that all our paths are in sync and we can live together in peace as one (closed, for Limited Thinkers) community. On Planet Fang, with my reasoning as our guiding voice. A voice not everyone can hear.

Like the voice I hear in my Inner Crown. The messenger of the community, reporting on their behalf. I telepathically send out a signal to a large (to me mostly unknown) collective of people, and since May 22, 2017, I (officially) hear of them. Now ever since that fight caused by miscommunication, we have gone off our straight course, but indirectly – it must have meant to happen – received many opportunities to steer to something even better.

My Everyday Experience

The fight, the disappointment in seeing some people’s true nature, the disappointment about way the world basically hasn’t changed in years… We have changed a lot ever since the Inner Crown was established. The way we interact with others and the way we think are nothing like before. We have always carried our telepathic secret (even far before the Inner Crown), always worked towards an alternative life, but we used to (over-)love life in the present realm. After that life stabbed us in the back in 2017 and it really seemed like life would always stay like this [living from awful trend to awful trend ugh ( = blegh in Dutch in reference to me typing blegh thinking that it was English srry)], our perspective of the future changed. There is no over-loving and wanting to cherish every single aspect of life anymore. Regardless of that people encouraged us to stop believing in change altogether way before that. Now, there is much more room for rationale in our strategy. “To Marie Kondo planet Earth.”

(The flood may come meow I live on the 7th floor. 🙂 Remember my worry about this? Though yes safety of others. 🙁 But for sure we can’t save everyone.)

In Bed

Most often, I tap into the Inner Crown when I’m in bed. It is when I can focus best and when we’re most likely not to be interrupted. I don’t like when I’m focusing on our inner conversation and then must suddenly stop to respond to a human saying something to me while I wasn’t really paying attention.

There’s nothing we don’t discuss. Though I – subconscious parallel-ish (in reference to the previous post (ctrl + f and type “subconscious parallel”)(opens in new tab)) – tend to think about (when) us being together in real life and then we both get scared to say the wrong things. I create mental strategies, but currently, unfortunately, only with one-sided information.

In Public

When I’m around people, I – because I don’t like to take away my attention from one thing when I decide to focus on it – keep my focus on them. Sometimes the Inner Crown quickly gives his perspective on a situation (especially when I’m in trouble), which is great assistance in making quick decisions that are thought through well.

In my conversations with others, I often seek for things we have in common. Unfortunately, most of the time their minds are some place completely else and I can’t share this experience (in a relatable manner). It could become a dialogue of solely questions and answers, both struggling with skepticism. The person in doubt between (or certain about) mental illness or supernaturality, me in doubt about of which one they will be convinced and whether they will try to get me under psychiatric surveillance or not.

At Exams

As for tests in school, I make those purely on the knowledge I have myself. (Tested that for the first time when making my exams for The Open University.) The Inner Crown and I are against cheating. But I do often think what the purpose of me following regular education is, when the actual knowledge and insight that is present in me is that of myself and the Inner Crown combined. I’d rather be ruling.


Meow more about this tomorrow. 🙂 The Inner Crown is my favorite topic (of conversation, especially when relatable/not skeptical)! I intended to publish this post on the 11th, but started to write this post around 10 PM. It’s now 01:31 on the 12th. I haven’t spent all day writing, like on the 10th. And I’ve noticed my visitors don’t like reading old news as much, so now there are more hours in which this post is new news, and in that way I can get more out of my writing.

Yesterday was Armistice Day, and the day before I preferred to stay inside, so the shops were closed and I had to get creative for dinner.

inner crown

I made heart-shaped spiced quickbread 🙂

inner crown

And got creative with left-overs, zoutvlees and coconut milk. It was delicious! (Better than before they were left-overs!)

inner crown

It’s quite firm, but very well-spiced. 🙂 Next time I’ll make sure I’ll have yeast. (Or dare to use more baking powder… Haha I don’t dare to use (much) baking powder ever since I made an extremely delicious pudding with my sister (like 12 years ago), but became short on flour so decided to compensate it with baking powder. It became the saltest pudding e-ver hahaha omg.)

It’s quite nice that my post for today is online already, because I have a test tomorrow evening and can now thus fully focus on studying, without having the feeling that I’m keeping you waiting. I’d rather be writing all day than studying all day, but unfortunately the Inner Crown is not united yet so I must conform to the socio-economic system I’d love to see different.

Ah and I’ve updated my Pexels page (and studied some). 🙂

Good night (I’m going to do the dishes, shower and read lol)…

Love you 😀 ♥


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