16:29 (04:29 PM)Hii β™₯Here are some pictures I took last night:[I decided to go with instant noodles instead of rice at the last moment]Need to clean kitchen

Is not allowed to smoke weed at home

I really use Twitter most often πŸ™‚

#fangyismIs a word that was not used on the web very often. Making up words is the improvisation you do when you want to make yourself heard and the other words have not been used yet.Unfortunately πŸ™


I can’t wait until my days of blogging are over and I can finally rule the world with my Graeynissis πŸ™‚ .It’s Kingsday today and I have plans of staying at home. I mean I love to dance, but not in between extremely drunk and aggressive barbarians, and my pockets are flat.Please hire me. The contract I’ll give you when you do this, will make us confederates :)β™₯
~~~16:38 (04:38 PM) I’ll definitely receive a rant about the way I express myself, when my mother comes home from Spain. It’s what happens every time I say something “radical”.I do not regret any of the words I have used in any way. They all come straight from the heart. Those who don’t accept them, should permanently break contact with me.Meanwhile I’m destroying marketing algorithms, because all of this routinous superficial shit reallyyy needs to end. People deserve to know the truth.#Fangyism~~~18:22 (06:22 PM) OKAY. I do not know WHO THE FUUUUUUUCK put my book on Bol.com, but it was NOT ME !!!!I only sell at fully interntionally oriented retailers !WHO THE FUUUUUUCK IS EARNING FROM THIS ?!!?!!!?!THAT PERSON MAY DIE. I HAVE WORKED WAY TOOOOOO FUCKING HARD FOR THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT IS A VIOLATION OF THE LAW !!!! LOOK AT HOW THE COPYRIGHT TEXT SAYS “DO NOT RESELL” . THAT FUCKING IGNORANT BASTARD !!!! (I bet it’s multiple people.)~~~~