Until my name is cleared… 

This is a long story…….

Should I keep it short? 

My actual poet’s alias/composers name/writer’s alias is Δοκις, or “Docis”. 

As long as my name isn’t cleared and I can’t deliver the exact work I want to deliver, I don’t want to publish anything under the name that looks like the name of my organization. 

My name being cleared means that my side of the story is heard on the same scale as the story that is far from the truth, which has been spread over a scale so large that it worries me, when it comes to my future as a publicist. 

I can deliver the exact work I want to deliver, when I have assembled a team of creative and ambitious people, who I’ll then be able to compensate for the work they do. I’m currently doing everything [artwork, website maintenance, making beats, proofreading, the submission of the manuscripts to several distribution services, etc.] myself. In some fields, such as design, more time and effort is needed, which would be of better quality and be of more efficient use of time, when done by someone else. I need to earn/save up for this, though… That’s one of the purposes of the Nosce Te Ipsum book series…