11:43 (AM) 

When I, yesterday, said that today was going to be the same, I was still hoping that I at least could get out of bed on time. 

How was your night? 

I’m going to try to get up to search for clothes to wear and hit the shower


17:57 (05:57 PM) 

Yet another client who threatened to involve the media and sue the company (and me somehow). He said: “Maak je borst maar nat.” Literally translated, that is: “Wet your chest.” It means: “Get ready to battle.” This time because this flѐh didn’t get the car he wanted at Trieste Airport. I told him the car he gets depends on the availability at that moment. He was at the police station because he found that the person working at Avis was racist for not giving him the Mercedes he asked to keep aside for him. They wanted to give him a Volkswagen Tiguan, but that wasn’t good enough for him. I got a request to call him back, because first he wanted to pin it on me that he didn’t get the Mercedes. By that time, the Tiguan wasn’t available anymore either. He ended up getting some van of which he said it was damaged. This didn’t suit his holiday setting, he said. He travels with his pregnant wife. When he put me on speaker phone at the police station, to back him up, I didn’t. I told him the car he gets depends on what is available at that moment. He said that he needed to talk to a supervisor, because “I didn’t want to help him”. (I just didn’t agree with him, that’s all…) 

In the end, I ended up requesting a car delivery from Croatia for him. When I called him to ask him if he will accept an Opel Astra Sports Tourer, he said “only if the car has navigation and if the car doesn’t break down”. I told him he actually can’t receive navi, but I still requested it at the Croatian rental service [I got a crazy discount. Normally it’s €45 a day, but he gave it for €35 for the full 13-day rental period] and that I can’t guarantee him that the car won’t break down, but that, if the car gets delivered to him, I assume that it drives properly. The car was bought in July this year.