01: 27 (AM) 

Hi, my Cuddle
How was your (Tues)day?

You might have noticed I’m postponing covering important topics that relate to my plans for us and describe what I have done and seen in much detail. I want to talk more about what lifts me up, instead of what has brought me down. 

The detailed descriptions of what has brought me down [I’m writing this down now, once and for all, so that my past is made clear (to my readers), and I won’t have to explain it again, because now you have reference material ;], to understand why I’ll make some future moves] I write down because I’m afraid I’ll lose my memory the way I did when I was stuck in a system I have been running away from. (This is not “crime related”.)

[Hahahaha I just heard Green Eyes by Erykah Badu for the third time in a very short time. I shuffeled all of my music and ended up adding the song to a playlist called “New Variation”. This playlist is still very short, which reminds me of the playlists on my iPod Nano haha. The playlists I had on that were like 7 songs X-D. It’s so cute how I no have so many more songs in my library, because I have so much more storage room. The way technology has evolved hehe.]

I’m going to lake and sleep :D. “Tomorrow” [that is how you call after you wake up after a long sleep, right?] is the ANWB student-event I’m looking forward to. Before that I need to do grocery shopping and somehow finish at least 40% of my statistics assignment. I’m thinking of sharing some clips from going there (and being there?) on my Instagram/Snapchat? _lilfangs for Instagram and lilfangsss for Snapchat, by the way, haha. 

Good night

My Cishe