My Cuddle ♥

I now have 15% of battery life left, until the end of time, since I’m now bankcardless and thus I can’t buy a new phone charger. 

I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I hope I’ll have a great weekend one day. 

Here are some pictures I made yesterday but didn’t publish:

Meowss such a chill area

It keeps increasing, but it’s far from enough…

I’m still going to write some mails to investment companies, I guess. I really prefer to get an individual to sign with me,  instead of an organization, though… 

I’ll be getting fucked up as fuck with my Cuddle, who – so cute – is more emotionally affected by the vanishing of my shit than I am. 


I will be “phoneless Fangs” very soon. “I’ve been avoiding contact with authorities”, but I need to report that I lost my passport? 

I hope my B will answer his email!  

5% left. Updating so frequently drains my phone battery… 

If you’re in the mood for conversation with me, please send me an e-mail! 

My day was nice. I hope yours too! 

Ciao xxx


*greetings again?*

Being phoneless didn’t last that long, thanks to a dear Cuddle of mine. He bought me a charger :D. 

He advised me to go to the Bodeshaft(¿)/Embassy because I don’t have my passport anymore [since yesterday]. My two external hard drives were in my bag, too x_x. I usually keep them close to me. There are back-ups on there starting from my first laptop. [Not my old desktop computer running on Windows Vista.]