04:54 (AM) 

Meooow ♥

The slider is done and I started on that very important article, I’ve been pondering about, ever since I got that e-mail… The sting has worn off enough for me to write about it, I guess. At least I’ve finished the introduction of the post… Haha but what took the most of my time, is that slider!! The text alignment on mobile phones was a drama to fix x_x. 

If all goes fast enough, with the development of this website, I’ll be starting with applying for jobs today. But considering that it’s now past 5 AM and I’m just about to head to bed, I already doubt it… I can’t wait to see my bank account be filled with a salary, though!!! 😀 Haha oh boyy I bought ingredients to make pizza bread today, and if it weren’t for Pascale’s €15 donation, I would not have survived purchasing that, while keeping my Spotify subscription…  

Meoow I’m off to bedd

Good morning

Have a great day, in advance! 

I love you ♥


17:18 (05:18 PM) 

I’ve sent that e-mail to the Dutch government’s tax agency, finally! And I’ve also finally drawn a new logo! 

I’ll start coloring it, but I’m also going to start cooking dinner at 17:30

I’ll be back *cool facial epression* xxx


18:55 (06:55 PM) 

Meoow I made yellow rice and my scan is being scanned. Here’s the preview:

The previeww. I need to make the letters more black with my laptopp

I’ll be eating xxx


21:18 (09:18 PM) 

Ooh my godd I’m working on the text of my home page, with my back to the TV, which Eric and Pascale are watching, and in a commercial, I just seriously heard that someone has written a best seller against self-help books. Volta is also against self-help books. (It’s basically against “everything”.) And she has the same first name as I! Ah meoww hearing that hurt x_x.