Good morning!

How was your night? 

Mine was very nice! So nice, that I actually want to continue sleeping, but the doctor’s practice closes at 1. I’ll use the 13:00 – 15:00 break for my nap :]. 

Yesterday, I signed up for this “freelancers/sole proprietors working together in the library” Meetup. I ended up cancelling it. I’ll only go to this other meetup tomorrow, about storytelling. I want to avoid being asked the question/lying about why I’m here. Especially in the context of working together and thus possibly networking, I don’t want to introduce the personal side of myself with this “bad impression drama story” that has stranded me here. 

Only the Cuddle, I’ve told a little bit about the situation with my parents and stuff. [He is the only person who has told me “happy birthday” in person. Multiple times 🙂 ♥] Other than that, I’ve been saying that I’m on a round trip through Germany… 

The storytelling Meetup will probably mostly consist of speeches. If there’s an open mic opportunity, I might say something. [I don’t know what yet. Maybe I’ll improvise.] 

I’m going to warm yesterday’s dinner for breakfast. I would rather eat something sweet, now, because I’ve eaten so many savory dishes [and so many potatoes¡] in a row, but I left my milk at my Cuddle’s place. I also haven’t bought Grieß yet, so either way eating something sweet isn’t really an option. I’ll do that for lunch :D. 


It’s good to not use a microwave

When I asked my Cuddle what he wanted for dinner, he said that he wanted to try something typically Dutch. So I thought of making stampot met andijvie for him. In the supermarket, I noticed the difference in product range… It seems like the products here are imported a lot less often :). And there are no sections with “ingredients from other cultures”…? Or maybe they just didn’t have it in the discount supermarket we went to. 

Ah, meow, I miss my Cuddle :[. Now I’m actively missing two Cuddles x_x. Hmm I should give them separate Cuddle names. Cuddle Visje and Cuddle Bear? Cuddle Bear calls me Süße and his Katze. That’s sooooo Cuddle 😻😻.

You know what’s funny? That it’s now 10:57 on the first Monday of the month, so that means that in the Netherlands, in one hour and three minutes from now, in all of the Netherlands, the air alarm, intended “to indicate when there’s a war threat in the country” [as a joke, some say “de Duitsers komen”…] – but actually, it’s to indicate when the dikes break – will go off and here, there will just be silence. Ahahahahahaha it’s just funny to me. I mean if whatever country wants to start a war against the Netherlands [I think the peace mentality of any other country might be too great], then they should have this air alarm, too, right?

I thought the Netherlands aren’t part of the United Nations? 

It sounds as if only the king is part of the UN?

So it’s in the law that the king can do anything and get away with it. My modern Stoic heart isn’t happy to hear this. The role of a governor as representor of the country that owns the colony, sounds so modern slavery-ish…

So this was there before the UN was there…? I forgot that the map has changed so recently. Look at France, for example… 

Okayy meoww I need to hurry up now. I’m only going past the doctor’s office to ask if they can do the test for me and to ask if I can take the cup to my apartment, since they need my morning urine, and I always wake up with the need to pee. Otherwise I’ll need to run to the doctor’s office right after waking up, haha…. 


I’m high speed walking to the doctor’s office right now. The next time I see my Cuddle, I want to involve him on my blog :D. 

Look at this Sweetniss he gave me:


As an automatism, I said: “Thank you so much! I love you too!” Not thinking about the huge amount of meaning that is behind it. Now there’s so much else I want to say! The way the card is signed reminds me of the way people used to sign the wall. His emotional attachment and fear of heart break – something I have too – must have been amplified as a result of the wall. It’s bad for your self confidence to,  as such a great country with so much intellectual property, be oppressed and blamed for no legitimate reason. 

I memorized the map. My phone is going to die xxx


I don’t want to sound Dutch, but… 

This was only €22.29!!!

For fennel, I usually pay more than €4, in a regular supermarket… 


My Griesspudding 😻 


If you call me and your phone number starts with +31, chances are high I won’t pick up… I’m dealing with the “they’re trying to trace my location” paranoia. Haha today was the first time I got a call from the Netherlands, since October 29. This time, it was a call from the 055 area, where I don’t know anyone, I think, so it must have been some telemarkeer again x_x… I’m from the 010 area [“netnummer”]. For house phones. So +31(0)10 is how “my” house phone number starts. 

Ohh look at my stack of laundry:

I spread it over 2 machines x_x. (On the left, not on the picture, there are another washing machine and dryer.)