10:53 (AM) 

Good morning <3

I woke up with eyes more swollen than usual. That must have been because of the tears… Hopefully I won’t get a rant about looking high again… 

Today, I’m going to give you a recipe for the best soup in the history of mankind! My grandfather cooked me soup every Friday, when I was little. “Cassavesoep” used to be my favorite. I spoke about making this soup two days ago, with my mother. I’ll have to search for a moment to buy the final groceries I need, though. 

You’ll need [a translation in your own language because some ingredients I only know in Dutch]:

  • Schenkel 
  • Zoutvlees
  • Cassave
  • Kokosmelk [coconut milk]
  • Pimentkorrels
  • Selderij [celery]
  • Tayer
  • Gele madame jeanette pepers
  • Een bouillonblokje [a stock block… I’ll be going with vegetable stock]
  • Unions
  • Tomaten(extract) [I’ll be using a little bit of both]
  • Droge vis [sun dried fish, only for a taste accent]
  • Bakbananen [plantain]

I’ll show you pictures of the ingredients that are “traditional”, along with the cooking process. The soup tastes the best when you start cooking it waaaaaaaaaay before you eat it. So I’ll be leaving my bed soon… 

Haha meow, actually I feel like laying and cuddling all day… But this Project Nosce Te Ipsum page is not going to finish itself… Just like the sign up form, the page for sponsors and all of the ads I intend to make… 

12:02 (PM) 

I have finally caught the sound of the air alarm that goes off every first Monday of the month at 12 PM. People from abroad must consider it uncommon (and uncomfortable¿) to have such a “national tradition”? 

The Run It Back Freestyle by Kirk Knight has a similar sound sample. Haha on a beat it sounds good… 

What if a dike breaks exactly on the first Monday of the month at 12?

Oh I just saw a video and heard that they’re going to stop it on January 1st in 2020. Does that mean that then this country will flood? “Haha of course not”…… Meoww let me movee. 

Aw, Cuddles for those who remembered that the official book release date was the 30th and have visited this website because of it <3. 

12:45 (PM) 

Oh my god I can’t stand when my parents open my mail

If you’re not paying my bills, don’t fucking touch my mail

It was just a reminder that the tax report of my company is expected to be received on the 31st… Which I already knew… 

They used to open my mail and then rant to me about “the dangers of bad bookkeeping”, around the time I went bamkrupt. They did this after lost my last client, because of their interference. I don’t have unregistered income to worry about, so I wouldn’t mind if they were to randomly come over for “een steekproef”……

15:30 (03:30 PM) 

Meoww #no-ad [Scorpio is my new syntax.]

My other back-up drive will not last much longer, I think, from the sound that’s coming from it. It’s a few years old already… 

16:08 (04:08 PM) 

Haha omg

Haha the app I used tagged itself

Anyway…  😀

In reverse ehe

I diced the tayer and cassave. Now I’m adding hot water. This soup could be eaten with rice in it, which you should cook separately. 

The amount of coconut milk I’ve used

I’m letting it boil up once more

After that I’ll let it boil on a very low heat. 
If you’re making it, too, you should show me!! I would love to share it on here, or talk about it, or talk about other things :D. 

I’m “cooking out” some zoutvlees:

Meow… [In my case, it’s pronounced as a word, not a cat sound :p.]

The meat has rested in salt for quite some time. (“Pirates” used to lay their meat in salt, because then they could keep it for longer?) The taste of salt is so intense, that you should either lay it in cold water for a while, or cook it out. Even after cooking it out for a while, the salty taste stays. 

It’s a “full meal soup”. I’ve used relatively quite a lot of meat. Adding tayerblad is nice. (I’ve just quickly fried some bakbanaan (plantain) and added that to the soup as well. 

The dried/smoked fish should only be cooked in it for a little while. It is not recommended to keep the fish in the soup. When it starts to fall apart, you should take it out.

After dinner, I’ll be cleaning my room and working on the websites in my room. 

Eet smakelijk 😀

I put rice in the bowl first and then poured the soup over it

21:28 (09:28 PM) 

Vacuum cleaning I’ll do tomorrow… Haha I’m showing you the most personal side of myself… 

I hope you won’t mind it, if I postpone finishing the websites to tomorrow… If I start working on it now, I’ll want to finish it before going to sleep, which will mean another restless night… The choice of words on my business’s website is quite crucial (just like everything else, but still..). So I think it’s best if I sleep on it… Also, I’m having this crazy headache, which makes me want to cuddle up… 

I’d rather lie down and talk to you… It feels like it has been a while since I’ve done that. I’ve been so busy writing and doing other things. I can’t wait until I’m done! This because hopefully then we’ll be working on this project together… 

I want to make the project description page very clear! It’s a project in a format I have never seen in real life. I think I’ll be the first to put this type of project into practice in this way. I’ve used the word “certificate” and “thesis” as terms, but they’re used in a different way, in the sense that you are the only source needed to obtain the certificate. There’s not the usual literary research and surveying other people, as you might have done for other theses. 

What I have planned for us isn’t that formal… I want us to have real fun, while making a real difference… 

To make my campaign look more… What’s the right word…? More like a representation of my vision… I would love to make videos and pictures [I kind of miss modeling] and have my own music in the videos… But that’s the cool side of Project Nosce Te Ipsum: during the project itself, we only do the things that make us happy. At the same time, we’re diving into some serious things regarding societal change, and since we’re doing these things and other people aren’t, while they might still benefit of what we have done for everyone, it’s important that we make ourselves the most comfortable while doing it. 

I hope to be able to make an interactive video series for the project, for the online subjects to enjoy. [Not that much like the series of which I think the standard is followed too strictly and thus everything looks the same. Some parody of the standard could be funny, though.] For this, I need popular authorities in research, entertainment and/or business to form a group with me and share their inspirational life’s knowledge and to show themselves from a different side, by showing their approach in the project. We’ll be talking, acting, dancing, writing, painting, composing and/or anything else you desire to do. The path you choose has certain self-research related objectives. 

23:40 (11:40 PM) 

For a very long time I’ve been thinking of changing “Meow…” into something else. But what… 

Haha meow anyway

I would love to make pictures for the D.O.C.I.S. International website. I’ve been picturing Benoît and I making these pictures that express the fun and diversity within the organization. 

We’re both wearing formal clothing [grey suits¿], “but” posing very informally. Hehe I pictured this one picture where I climbed on his back, I have my arms around his neck and we’re both smiling. That picture says: “We treat each other with so much love, within this organization.” Right? 

It’s also an awesome way to end this “verzuiling” where people of the same ages, genders, races, etc. are expected to hang with each other. But I want over-experienced grey haired friends, too…? We have so much to talk about!  😀

Meow, my Cuddle B is turning 46 in a few minutes… I want to call him… But I’ve tried this so often already, in the past [after the police drama]… It just keeps ringing… [His office number… I didn’t dare to ask his number when we met. Could I do that? Should I have taken the initiative…? Outsiders could take it the wrong way for sure…] I really want to see him even more than usual now :[. Where’s my Cuddleee…¿

I let the phone ring for a short while and then hung up… Who calls an office number in the middle of the night, right…¿ I thought maybe the number redirects to his mobile phone… Meow this is so strange, though. He told me I could always reach out to him and we’ve had such amazing times talking in his office [or should I only speak for myself…¿]. Suddenly I can’t reach him anymore and I still don’t know why :[. I’ve been trying things like this since like July 2017… :[

I’m going to sleep now…

Good night, sweetie