12:36 (PM) 

My Cuddle <3

How was your morning? 

I just ate some “saffron cream” fish with couscous as my first meal of the day. Before that I’ve been laying (cuddling, laking….) in bed all the time, thinking about strategy and assembling Graeynissis. 

You should really make that wild career switch and join my start-up :D. In your current field, you’re now in the position to select and prepare the right people to take over your position one day. The issue is that most people who have the capacity to do this, care about quantity more than quality. You could also pass your position to a computer and then make that computer part of the start-up. In that way you never quit “:D”. Whatever you publicly do that is Fangs related, some people will say that being my Cuddle is a bad move. The thing is that the people who say that, could also be replaced by a computer. You’re far more intelligent than them, and [yes, comma + and] by becoming part of this organization, you will be working with people you can REALLY level with. 

So now D. O. C. I. S. International has two names: Fangs and D.O.C.I.S. International (my phone automatically adds spaces after dots). It is my intention to start a private holding under the name D. O. C. I. S. International and then make Fangs a separate private holding, just like the many other components of this organization. (But that only when the “active audience” is large enough.) 

Part of me feels tense for giving away business information, because “quantity hungry” people could steal these ideas (is what I have been taught). BUT I DO LIVE TO CRUSH THE COMPETITION :D. (This because I do not want to risk not being able to pay for salaries etc anymore.) You better be on my siiideee. You won’t find a better multi-talented prospect than me, so why even keep searching :D. Under water the whole system doesn’t even exist!!! (Just like computers, which is why the “Liée for doing things manually/on paper”. And having these chips that never get fucked up from water (in the first place?) @ water resistant computers?)

Also, I Googled the Auberge…. It isn’t that Graeyniss, maybe…?  Haha see, that’s why I so rarely come across them :[. I don’t even know what Graeynissis like :[. 

I’m going to shower and stuff


13:54 (01:54 PM) 

Wtf? Haha

Can anyone tell me where that harbor is with thousands of ships to save millions of people? Is it next to the place where weapons and army planes (F16’s) are constructed and kept? :p Haha what will they use to save themselves? Maybe they’ll go back to doing VOC / WIC shit. 

My Cuddle, will you sign my concord? 

This will become a chapter in the new Nosce Te Ipsum. But first, there’s this test :D.