09:55 (AM) 

Good morning, My Cuddle <3

How was your night? 

Here’s my “breakfast smoothie”:

In it, there are: raspberries, blueberries, some mango, red grapes, some bananas and water. (To add strawberries and some watermelon too would be nice.)

12:07 (AM) 

A random picture of yesterday

Ik heb geen tijd om op te ruimen…

Today, I’ll be making hand-picked exercises of unit 1 to 4. 

That’s spread over two books haha. 

12:52 (PM) 

Wanneer is binnenkort? DE APP CRASHT STEEDS WANNEER IK HEM OPEN. HOE STEL IK GOOGLE DIE VRAAG? Nadat ik de app naar de fabrieksinstellingen had teruggezet deed hij het heel even, maar nu doet hij helemaal niks meer… 

I want to ask Strato a question. Because of this:

This is where the link I recently received redirected me to?

But the type of question I want to ask is not in the options of questions… 

Na vier keer proberen kon ik mijn nieuwe wachtwoord invoeren. Toen werd ik ge redirect naar dit scherm. 

Hij doet het nog steeds niet -.-” 

Ik typ mijn wachtwoord gewoon goed in? Het algoritme… 

I just made a Twitter account. I think I’ll be judged for the people I follow. 

13:45 (01:45 PM) 


Haha I see you :].

“Thank you for keeping up with me. <3”

I plan on keeping September 30th very intimate… 

If you’re Cuddle this far, you’ll be able to decipher how I’ve planned the release ;].

14:05 (02:05 PM) 

What to make for dinner later? I want to make mac & cheese, with goooood cheese. I’ll have to go grocery shopping either way. I don’t know any “cheese stores” here… 

Your thoughts on my cookie bar¿

You should boil it until they start to lose texture a little bit… I was just that hungry… 😀

I used tayer, potatoes, palm oil, “Cameroon pepper”, a tomato, five spices and no salt… But that’s just my preference, in this case…

Grocery list: (I’ll just use buy pre-grained cheese (Gouda [= city name]) & Parmesan(a?) at the grocery store… (Open until like 20:00? Shops like cheese stores close waay earlier.))

* Kazen

* Courgette

I wonder what parmesan from Parmesana tastes like… 

16:09 (04:09 PM) 

For some reason I feel like deleting all of my other social media, except Twitter…? 

16:35 (04:35 PM) 

2842 sessions within these 17 September days, means that about 168 people (since you can’t have 0.176 (= about 17.6% of a) person looking at Cuddleniss) are actively following me on a day. (But of course there will have been a peak in sessions when I did the Facebook marketing, “so there are outliers”…)

Many Cuddles for people who enjoy reading my website 😀 <3

17:13 (05:13 PM) 

My mother called me to tell me she’s in the supermarket and asked if I needed some things. I named them and then had to text them to her :’].

18:07 (06:07 PM) 

I wonder if the slightly renewed homepage will lead to a battle…

But at least, now the “neo nazi” bullshit is out the way :]. Boy, some people are really fucking stupid, aren’t they?  :]

Will you back me up if this happens, my Cuddle? Because I’m not allowed to think or speak about Benoît Crutzen…

It’s funny, isn’t it? 😉

I remember BEING LAUGHED AT FOR THIS [me wanting to see him so bad] E-VE-RY CONVERSATION… 

If you want to prove that “you’re right” once and for all, tell me what happend and where he is right now. If you’re right, he would say:

(Scroll to 05:00:) https://youtu.be/u9-IZnVJlpg

“Nooit gezien” = “Never seen” (him/her) 

Not that he would speak Dutch necessarily… I might, if I’m not able to control my feelings of Cuddleniss. Haha meoww…..

Grrr I can’t stand when you hear snakes (I’m talking about people) laugh about other people’s misery… 

Is that cultural? 

Only in a Dutch commercial, you’ll see a man grab the price tag of his wife’s dress, and then say: “What a nice dress!” 

As a joke… 

Is that right, or not? [That sense of humor actually disgusts me, but so many people find it actually funny – otherwise so many “jokes” like that wouldn’t exist – I just laugh along… Defending myself would be as pointless as explaining why “Zwarte Piet” should not exist… (Even though it’s not all of the community finding it offensive,  it’s still a part of the community…) Instead of wasting my time arguing, I’ll just move. I have ma-ny more reasons for wanting to do this, as you can read throughout my posts. (“Haha” and then they say: “Die zwarten moeten van onze traditie af blijven!” Wees er maar trots op… They can keep their tradition. Hands off my project, for some types of philosophy can’t become part of the U.S.H.R., if they aren’t well defended.)]

19:15 (07:15 PM) 

Tomatoes, courgette, an union, creme fraîche, five spices, oregano & a lottt of grained Gouda (old) and Parmesan

I’m done eating already :D. Ready for round 2…