My heart has a fresh new wound, as usual I have tons of shit to do and I crave for a newer life. 

My love,

No words can describe how hurt, disappointed and simply fucking fucked up I feel now that I have two full days of toxic memories added to my memory.

I have told people so often that they shouldn’t have believed my parents over me and that they shouldn’t do that again. AND THEY FUCKING DID IT AGAAAAAAIN. VERDWIJN UIT MIJN LEVEN. Het is toch fucking raar dat mijn moeder hier nog steeds op de bank ligt?

Ik wil mijn familie niet meer zien. Naar Antwerpen verhuizen was stap 1. Nu de verbreking nog verzegelen maar ze laten me maar niet met rust.

I should be studying right now but as long as my mother is here, I just feel like hiding in bed. I’m never going back to Rotterdam again because there they will call the psychiatrists on me for sure. Here she actually looks crazy. If someone would tell me to get out of his/her house I’d leave and never return.

12:05 Antwerpen Kievitwijk

Life Goes On

Haha so I thought my accounting deadline was Tuesday at 14:00 PM. But it’s tomorrow at 14:00 PM and my laptop has been struggling like crazy trying to connect AlephQs. So I was planning on going to the university library tomorrow to finish it. But now I see that I’ll have to go there crazy early.

Tomorrow I also have English class. The first discussions will be held and I need to be present so that I can see what the teacher’s expectations are.

And there will be basketball practice, but I don’t think I’ll be going. I’ve been more social than usual and that has gotten me behind on my study schedule. So the time I’d spend playing basketball I will now spend studying.

I’m going to try to connect AlephQs again. I really hope it works because I want to go outside as least as possible. 🙁 Plus then I can do my laundry tomorrow.

19:18 Antwerpen Kievitwijk