It’s been a while since I’ve expressed myself. I’m still trying to figure out what has happened exactly. Who are/were involved, and whether they were acting in favor of my agenda, whether they were consciously trying to sabotage it or whether they have experienced sabotage themselves. This for an oversight of people dynamics more than something on a per-person basis. If this ever stops to be something that happens below the surface, I must know this to not end up being caught by my opposition like this has happened to others. 

All of the observations I state here and have stated I can not confirm with tangible evidence. It starts with the assumption that on the 26th of February of this year (2021) (semi-)organizedly people have attempted to set out or execute an operation that strives to or does not deem bad or unfeasible the objectives I often state on my websites. (I still say “my agenda”, but that would (after in-person confirmation) make it “our agenda”.) And that this has gotten people in stockade (for conspiring against the government) (in the United States (and elsewhere as well¿)) (!?). (I say semi-organizedly because for the conflict of interest that exists for the purposes of many, with the objectives, to avoid “Fangyist soldiers” (good soldiers) being sent to stockade should have been included in the plan (that has unfortunately been made in my absence).) I am writing this with slight inspiration for the permanent improvement of overall circumstances, as far as I can say anything about it at all (I’m not finished with getting overall (international) oversight, still). 

Psychological Warfare 

“Psychological warfare” is what I call this. People attempt to accomplish ideological goals, other people do not want this to happen and (organizedly) sabotage this by turning (“the ideological”) people against each other with disinformation, deploying oorlogshoeren to distract soldiers with sex (to have them never return to their missions) and getting soldiers addicted to drugs to make them less determined and confuse them. It looks so classical to me in the telepathic realm that it does not make sense to me that somehow it is not commonly addressed as such. We are over 200 days in. 

What makes getting an oversight so time consuming is that which side someone is on and how much someone involves oneself is mostly determined by design. People do not have to assemble to influence the dynamics, especially not when it is opposition. I’m figuring out to what extent things are organized and to what extent it is design. 

Here are some abstract dynamics:

  • Insisting on a sex cult
  • Pledging loyalty to the Dutch government
  • Erotomania
  • Seeing the most powerful telepathic presence as separate entities
  • White supremacist ideology @ genocide
  • Threatening with death and taking things out of context 
  • Saying this is non-political, then mentioning the wait for new coronavirus policy 
  • Routines of punishment

Not Ready for War

The previous paragraph is very incomplete. The oversight I have is that abstract. It seems, when I read telepathically non-verbally, most people don’t know what they are doing (anymore) (directionally speaking), so more dynamic oversight I likely won’t get. Like people act in favor of their personal interests for short-term impact on dynamics but do not seem to think about the long run at all. 

Simultaneously, call it my personal entertainment masochism, tension between people and psychological affectedness (anger issues and such) are worse than in the “Trump era”. This is done with my personal long-term intentions in mind. And this is also how I get my information. It is endless. Being the opposition in psychological war, all they can do is take steps against, but as long as the war does not get physical they can never win because sides are determined by design. If I’m correct, what side someone is on by design most people have revealed. (But this mostly happens out of my telepathic sight.)

The crux of this game is that you can’t trust anyone. A-ny-one. The opposition is so overconfident that they use (too much) masochism in their actions against. For the group dynamics this means that everyone always aspires to come out on top in terms of “personal pride”, basically. So even if you attempt to take someone under your wing in the dynamics doing something against the opposition that outnumbers us, it is likely that that person will turn on you right afterwards.

If you are with me and you want to silence this psychological headache physically, there are things that “must be overcome” (I don’t know how to say thies). 

  • Ending all “telepathic entertainment” (using it for war communication with the trustworthy only (currently that basically does not exist)).
  • People being able to voice themselves without that leading to clashes and anger (this far I see myself rage and attempt to kill but being overpowered and dying upon the transition from telepathic to in-person).
  • Seeing all acts against the objectives as acts of opposition (that includes “attack therapy”).

If we (ever) retaliate, we cannot be arguing the way this has been happening in the psychological war, because otherwise physical assembly will fall apart to a point of no return (disinformation makes people hate each other). There must be a better oversight of agreements and potential pitfalls (plus back-up plans) then before.  

It is very unfortunate what has happened, but if things had happened according to the “The Fangs” weekly piece and the same “let’s not exclude anyone” and “the will of the people is to start a sex cult” kind of attitude were of disturbance to me it would have been a suicide mission. The problem is so obviously by design. I thought that was common sense. (So I myself was not prepared for this – where it is not common sense  and the psychological warfare that follows from casually mentioning it to the opposition – either.)

Never have I been asked to clarify the descriptions of objectives I give in my bad English. That the opposition is trying to make sure that they will never have to perform actions against them ever again (more often they do get it, because of the conflict of interest) (to the maximum of their abilities) and that many have (psychologically) fallen does not mean that the objectives cannot be accomplished. I have not even been involved, while they originate from me. 

I suggest some isolation in a rural area. And tangible plan (and trustworthiness) transparency.