My life ♥

How’s life?

Different? The same? Fun? Or lame?

Do you have enough time for your passions?

You know that everything you dislike about life will vanish in 3 years, right? Maybe it will be less. Hopefully it will not be more.

On Track

I’m on track. 🙂

My soup left-overs are in the fridge and I have scrubbed the black paint off of my feet. And in the long run, I will end up where I desire to be no matter what. Regardless what gets there first: my business or my professorship.

I don’t know how many off days I will have until my education program edit is processed, but I really need some time to throw around my websites again, using a content management system for my business website and smoothly ending my book club permanently. I should have kept my concept less interactive the way it was before I funded the book club…

Before that – though I should really get to it because it’s like a store display that says that I’m out of business haha – I’d like to get to my research and actually also start writing a new book. I’d like to replace the book club and reselling part of my book store (meoow for a printing press and publishing D.O.C.I.S. editions of books with an introduction written by me yay) with that in my figurative store display.

When it comes to professorship I’d like to – as you know – write a ton of papers instead of following the herd up the academic ladder. But for the apartment I’m coming home to, anything is fine, really. 🙂


In the past few years, my “normal” heart rate suited a “I’m in a life or death situation and I’m running for my life”-type of situation (a description of how fast my heart goes “normally”). But last night, I noticed it’s easier for me to register separate beats again. Now my heart rate suits an “omg my crush is standing right there”-situation (description of my current type of heart rate).

“Just do what makes you happy,” is the most natural way to heal my tachycardia, is what doctor Franz said last time I visited him.

Living on my own makes me so happy I still can’t believe that this is real. On top of that, I love the prospect of becoming ProfFangs. I think that is why my heart rate is stabilizing. Though I should really go for a check-up, for my last check-up was over a year ago, I believe.

Because sometimes I still feel light headed and still feel random intense pains. Like my back is killing me right now. And sometimes I feel like I can faint at any moment. But then I meditate on the fact that I am all alone here, so I really cannot pass out. It has been working this far. 🙂

Now I feel like passing out sleep-wise. After getting wild laky meow bathing in candle light is one of my weaknesses.

Not unusual trippy time of day good night ♥


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