Top of the morning to you, my dear ladies and gentlecuddles. 😏

Operation Sunnyhoes has kicked off way better than the pre-opening of my bookstore and book club admissions has. My gut tells me that I’m doing the exact opposite of what I should be doing, as I want to get a complex international business concept of the ground. Because Operation Sunnyhoes is far from politically correct. (Like will this make you shy away from me even more? 🙁 ) But meow maybe it works the other way around… I like taking risks.

Better Policy, Better Hoes

I pay my hoes “in (literal) natura”. From kisses (etc. though it depends on how attracted to you I am) to self-prepared dinners. That’s nothing new.

What is new is that now I say that the person is my dearly beloved hoe in advance. Instead of getting mad kissy (frequently) and then have to later explain that a monogamous relationship is not what I want in life ever (honestly)… (Though I can go a long way for some extremely good sex. As in I’d marry Victishe just to know if it would feel like what I think that it would feel like…)

Excuse me, I’m going to make my breakfast pudding. xxxxxxxxx

Oh well I wanted to make breakfast pudding, but then I spotted some fish and Surinamese ginger ale, and my featured image was loading slowly still, so…

And my cousins have been ordered to fry eggs and bacon… Surinamese minionism ahahahaha.

I’m still here. 😀

Listening to the 10 last songs I added to my mood suiting playlist, as I lay here, telling you about Operation Sunnyhoes.


I’m loving it hereee. Much more than my first time (because then it was because I wasn’t trusted to stay at home without going missing, which is the greatest insult ever).

Meoow I took a picture of our snacks of yesterday:

It was tastyyy

It was fun chilling there. 🙂

When it comes to infrastructure and attractability to tourists, Surinam can, I think, learn a lot from the Dutch Antilles. (They also have much better ties with the Netherlands, compared to Suriname.) Asphalt roads without holes in them… Better maintained colonial houses, etc.

Operation Sunnyhoes

Meooow I want to get no-strings-attached kissy. I hope to find that here. Hopefully at the Jazz Festival. Even more hopefully before the Jazz Festival.

Ah we’re going to do some shopping and head to the beach. I’ll check-in on you later. And write a part of my essay tonight. 🙂


Updated 10:53 (AM) [GMT -4]

Hehe I went to the grocery store to buy a sponge, among other things. Not only for better solo shower yays. Also because I like sponging in my hoes. I’m telling you I’ll be good to you my meowww. ♥


Let’s get soapyyy 😏

Ahahaha my aunt’s property surveyor here is such a catje. 😻 But just for looking, I guess, for he sounds like a “I have left my life in the Netherlands behind to enjoy the sun here adventure” family man haha… But meoow grey hair and blue eyes are one of my many weaknesses… 😻

Currently I’m at PortoMari with my parents. I hope to spot some sea piglets here. 🙂 If not, I’ll be enjoying the beautiful sea either way. 😻


Updated 14:30 (02:30 PM) [GMT -4]

Meoow I have a complex thought to share…

6 public visitors today, of which I am one

My first time having visitors in Curacao

I think that are people visiting the Jazz Festival in Curacao next week. I wonder if my very frequent audience includes my parents…? That would be a bit awkward. x_x I mean you’re cool and all but this is not written in the context of the things I’d happily discuss with someone who considers himself/herself my overseer.

Operation Sunnyhoe. x_x It was already hard because I’m never alone. 🙁 Now it’s even more awkward. 🙁 This whole internet thing. 🙁 To quit all of my internet activity (and emigrate) suddenly doesn’t sound that bad anymore. x_x

But it could still also include some sexy wild Graeynissis. 😀

I really wonder who my visitor from the United States is. 😸 😸 😸

Meooow I never fully succeed in the missions I create for myself here, so, honestly, I just want Operation Sunnyhoe to be successful.

Good night for now ♥

– xxx –

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