Heysss ♥

The hunt for cuddles is still on. Not really spotted approachable potential cat preys yet…

Currently sitting on my lil throne, restrategizing…


Just kidding, I’m not using strategy on this. Finding a Catje is a matter of luck. I was watching TV and chatting with my fam. And waiting for a proper internet connection so that I can tell you about earlier…

It was a lot of fun going to the casino with my (don’t tell my other aunts :x) favorite aunt, sister and 17 year old cousin. We went to the Renaissance casino, not Princess (oops excuses I informed you incorrectly x_x).

She has rented the yayest cars of the 3 rentals we have here. 🙂

Such a nice sight coming out of the garage 🙂

My aunt gave all of us $100 to play with. She likes playing (alone) at the high bet tables.

My cousin, sister and I started off with this hehe. It was funny. 🙂 Way in the end of the night I made a little profit with this.

We also played blackjack at a lower bet table. After having blackjack twice in a row, everything went downhill for me and I stopped playing ahahahah.

My “losing” facial expression (issa joke ofc I can take a loss)

I lost $70. x_x But it was great fun! 😀

On top of the chillness and chill lifestyle of this aunt of mine, other things I find chill about her is the traditional knowledge that doesn’t sound like superstition.

Today, for example, she told us that though many Surinamese Creoles these days cook with onions and garlic, the original Creole kitchen didn’t include those ingredients. Slaves didn’t have access to those ingredients. My great grandparents even also prepared traditional dishes without those ingredients. It was when the multicultural society in Surinam started to blend, the Creole kitchen adopted onions and garlic.

And she has interest in a diverse range of cultures and classes, without judging negatively, so that is the greatest yay for me. Plus she likes art (and real estate). 🙂

All of her houses have art in it (not only for safeguarding money in a tangible way) 🙂

I’m exhausted meoooow good night ♥


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Heysss ♥

I’ve been working on the draft of Evolving Individualism in the 9 – 5 Economy, instead of going to the beach again. It’s yays. 🙂 I hope to finish it today, to then go over it again a few dozen times and turn it into speech format. And work on the drafts of my wiki pages. 🙂

But before I take a little break to go swimming here at the pool on the compound on which my aunt’s holiday apartment is, I logged in here to share some random things:

  • I just signed up for an info evening about combining work and study at the University of Antwerp on September 4th.
  • I’m in the posession of Florins now, because when I handed in my profit cards at the casino, I asked for Florins instead of US dollars, supporting the local currency a little. 🙂 (Plus it was yays that my aunt let me drive her car. 🙂 (Though it was because she has trouble with her knee. 🙁 ))
  • For the Operation Sunnyhoes headers, I use an image of a women and a man alternately. It would be very funny to use a picture of Victishe or Catthierry for tomorrow’s header. 😂 Like they’re actually involved in this, while, in reality, I’m here chilling in holiday isolation with mommy and daddy, and I’d randomly take some image off of Google ahahahaha. Plus my posts are just a random description of my thoughts, not really a serious mission the title implies. Do you get my sense of humor? Everything is a hyperbole, unless it is actuallt that big, hahaha… 😂

Meoooow I’ll be swimminggg. And I’m in loveee with the catje on the header image. 😻


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Swimming was greattt 😻

Meoow I love tropical nature sooo much. I really want to live in an environment where palm trees grow (in an outmost modern economy), when I live independently. That’s one of the reasons why I want to move to California. 🙂

Such an exotic audience today. 😻

Meoow I didn’t get to work on my essay and speech anymore. 🙁 I thought we were going for a drink and a quick snack, but I just came back from Avilla Beach Hotel, where I was with my family.

The last picture is awa limunchi (excuse my spelling if it is incorrect), water with lime and sugar, which is drunken very often here. 🙂 It was yays. 🙂

Now I’m tired meooww. Goood night ♥

– xxx –

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This sexy Catje is photographed by Marco Lima from Pexels 😻