Gooooood morning ♥

There’s no better way to start the day than by searching my favorite picture from my favorite Dutch politician. 😻 Ahahaha I’ve seriously dreamt about this last night, but in the dream I couldn’t find the picture. I’m glad I’ve found it. 🙂 It was shown on the (gossip) news when I was visiting my grandmother quite some months ago, and has not left my mind ever since.

I love this expression of (European?) liberalism so much. Especially because he is a politician (and my Catthierry 😻 ). It is revolutionary. 🙂 ( 😏 😏 😏 ) [I don’t remember if it was broadcasted before or after the elections…]

There is a little hesitance in doing this. But this will be a good post… 🙂 It’s not like I’ll get sued for using this image… Right…? 😀

Meoww I’m going to get ready for the city tour we’re going to do on jetskis. 😀 It will be my first time jetskiing.

Am I the only one who finds it frustrating that I still have no real-life touchable (in contrast to people I could sext, but I don’t like sexting…) hoes…? My body reallyyy needs it. To go cold turkey from having sex at least once a day for a year or so was already not easy. And now I’ve been deprived for about 7 months. Gosh, I don’t like sounding like this. Don’t want to sound the way I currently sound. But to fix that, I need… It’s a paradox.


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The only time I had sort of done it before, was virtually, trying to escape cops in Grand Theft Auto… Jetskiing was so much fun! 😻

I shared one with my sister.

I wish there was water like this in the Netherlands… 😀

She jetskid us from Jan Thiel to Willemstad, across such pretty sights! I took some pictures:

Action pictureee

The Jan Thiel beach resort from where we left off

Willemstad 🙂

I jetskied us back. Once I got the hang of it, I wished the tour was longer… Meoow I really want to go again. 😀

(Another thing I wish to do again is sailing! 😻)
We might go jetskiing again on Friday, from Jan Thiel to the Spanish Waters lagoon. But there’s the North Sea Jazz Festival as well, and I was quite tired after the ride…

Currently, we’re at Tony Roma’s. Though I usually prefer haute cuisine-ish restaurants, I really love this place! I’m waiting for a set of tasty appetizers and my rib-eye and ribs.

Ahahaaa there is an huge controversy-paradox inception behind this series of posts, topped off by this post’s header image, I will elaborate on later.

Eet smakelijk sweet Catje of mine. 😀 ♥


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Groot Davelaar

The Controversy-Paradox

Should one share his/her most intimate thoughts on the public internet? As far as I know, most people find that people should not be that open on the internet, because the information could be used for the wrong purposes and because they find that those feelings should be shared with the people in their environment rather than on the web.

I disagree with this. Yes, good things can always be used for bad purposes, but that should not be a limitation. It is much better to be who you are and do what you want. But I find that the system (social norms, certain laws, etc.) does not allow for that. Posting a nude picture on the internet is allowed, but going grocery shopping nude is not allowed, for example. The internet is more free than real tangible life is, so, for me, here is where my freedom is.

The next layer of this controversy-paradox is openness about anything sex related. From the people I’ve come across, most of them are far from comfortable talking about anything sex related. They are also most often very conservative, finding that sex is only for the one you will spend eternity with. And that a girl out for a one night stand is always a slut.

Again, I disagree. Until I’ve had my first relationship, I too was saving myself for anyone to spend the rest of my life with, and be monogamous, et cetera (though – especially with pornography allowed – I don’t know who anyone is able to stick to “no sex before marriage” (especially because what if it’s bad…)). Now I do not think that man was made to be monogamous. Temptations are always there.

I’m not saying that you should fall for every temptation. But wouldn’t it be nicer to indulge more often than to resist? If no-strings-attached were something you could really be open about. Family dinner conversation type of normal (though some minds really are not that flexible).

Though many people assume this, [seriously, why? 🙁 ] I really am not a slut. 🙁

I like one night stands, but I still have standards… It has to be someone I find attractive, it must be someone with whom I can have a proper conversation (including that he/she is ambitious because otherwise I’ll feel too ambitious and that is an awful feeling), someone who is most likely to not carry STD’s (not tooo many partners (that’s also way less drama)) and someone who seems like a good lover… I can sense that in the blink of an eye, unless I’m drunk. When I’m drunk, my needs are greater than my scrutiny and I often forget 90% of everything, and then feel worried about my actions the day after. I have a scar on my knee from kissing an artist on stage and then falling off the stage… I don’t even know what artist it was… 😩 Ever since what happend in Amsterdam at the beginning of this year, I’ve been watching how much I drink… But I kind of feel going wild catty on the festival, starting Thursday…

I don’t like the type of girls who speak loudly with high pitched voices, hanging over everyone and touching everyone, making a scene about the most superficial nonsense (and everyone hears what it’s about)… Especially because I’m colored and my life is all over the internet, people mistake me for that person. I’m so very reserved in person… I’m looking for someone who is able to break through that barrier. 🙁

The paradox is that basically no one likes dramatic females who share everything online and make scenes in person (and neither do I), but I do carry a lot of mental baggage with me which is the main reason why I crave for no-strings-attached slightly rough sex… 😀

I’m going to sleep now. It’s late and I have to get up early…

Good night ♥

– xxx –

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nude Thierry Baudet

This featured image is the first image I saw when Googling “Thierry Baudet nude”: A Twitter page sharing a screenshot of this meow Instagram picture of his.