Heysss ♥

Today’s island tour was a lot of fun! I’ve taken many pictures. Here is a sneak preview:

Why you’re getting a preview now is because I need to get ready for the Jazz Festival real quick… I was quite tired after the tour of quite some hours, so I’ve been napping. Napping for too long… I can hear Juan Luis Guerra play from where I’m at. The festival terrain is right at the entrance of the resort we’re staying at. I don’t know any of today’s artists. but I love hearing new sounds. (Plus it might be so that I know popular songs but not the artists.)

I’m going to continue to get ready. See you later ♥ (I hope I’ll really see you!)


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Juan Luis Guerra North Sea Jazz Curacao

Juan Luis Guerra

Aymee Nuviola North Sea Jazz Curacao

Aymée Nuviola

Aymee Nuviola North Sea Jazz Curaçao

With dancers ayyy

It was nice. 🙂 I really love live music. (Hopend dat niemand nu verwacht dat ik verheerlijkend over sfeer, gezelligheid en kippenvel enzo ga praten zoals men dat doet wanneer het over muziek gaat. Ik probeer gewoon positief te zijn en te blijven.) I wish I could speak Spanish (or Italian or better Latin).

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the end of the festival. During the second performance it was already very hard for me to lift my feet when dancing, but leaving felt disrespectful. My entire body felt a lot heavier than normal. It was quite a relief when my mother and sister wanted to leave during a Latin cover of a song of KC and the Sunshine Band (I so loved when I was little), to get some drinks.

On our way to getting drinks (I needed some moisture to take with me as I carried myself to the apartment), I proposed to go home. I wasn’t the only one tired.

So I dragged myself up the hill, way behind my mother and sister. Havana D’Primera we’ve heard from the apartment.

From all artists of today, I’ll look some songs up on Spotify for sure. 🙂

But now I’m going to bed. Haha I can barely keep my arms lifted to type and still I’m typing this why am I doing that to myself.

Love youuuu ♥

Goood night ♥


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