The way it requires all of my time, the rush of getting it done daily, being able to be the utmost productive in bed… I love this study planner so much! This is genuinely orgasmic.

My love,

Until November 30th – for now – all I will attend is English class on Mondays. Because attendance is required and I want to score an A+. And minimally a B for all of my other subjects. The type of study planning I usually do one week before the final exam, I now started to do last night.

Currently I’m behind (as in I understand what is explained during lectures but I haven’t read the books to see what knowledge is required to pass a test yet), but…

After acing this, I’m thinking of explaining how I made this (work), in the essay – a book is too long – Study Planning for Procrastinators. It’s on my list of D.O.C.I.S. tasks. 🙂

And every Sunday I will make a weekly schedule. 🙂

Starting the week on Sunday is veryyy good for study planning with weekly tasks.

In case this social isolation makes me feel uncomfortable, I could join the basketball team. But I get tired quite fast because my heart has been acting up quite badly.

It’s one of the reasons why this post will be very short.

In reference to yesterday, it could have also been a protocol “no”, but no one explains the protocols for “”status” interacting with “regular folk”” to me. 🙁 I really should have used “Gooi dit dan in de openhaard,” like I had reasoned out the night before, to not go home with paper that had gone toxic. Paper that has gone out with the rest of my trash (including that “overdue” yogurt) today. 🙂

Tomorrow my tasks are:

  • Letting the technician in and giving him access to the hoofdaansluiting so that he (or – though never experienced – she) can install my internet connection. 🙂
  • Studying economics, law and mathematics.
  • Cycling to Burger King because tomorrow I want to grill rib-eye steak and eat it with spinach and twister fries. 🙂

When I have wifi (and don’t have to use my phone for that anymore) I’m planning on starting to follow a German series (I think it will be Weissensee but I might change my mind if I see something better) without subtitles to improve my German. For I’ll never be attending mandatory German class – except for the lecture before the first midterm – and the course has a speaking component.

For the sake of weight watching I think I’ll make this cake on October 31st to eat by myself when I turn 23.

Ah I wish it was 2029 because then at least I’m ProfFangs. Can it be final exam week already…? 🙁

Why are we not Cuddles? 🙁 Can someone please answer this because I really just don’t understand that either.

I’ll be thinking about that, as usual.

Ciao sweetie ♥

– xxx –

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