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Exterminate COVID-19

To exterminate the virus, the disease and the horror on the financial markets right now, I have formulated this policy with clear goals, centralization and controllability.

For greater exposure of this piece, I have brought more life to my ResearchGate account, hoping that the right people may come across this. My policy could make a huge difference to not only the effectiveness but also the comfort in which we can end this crisis.

But my RG score is very low because my network is minuscule. I have no street cred. :( So please click "HELP ME INCREASE MY STREET CRED" to view my ResearchGate profile and tell a friend to do the same!

COVID-19 WILL BE OUR B*@$#!!!!

An alternative centralized policy to fight COVID-19 and its side-effects
Ready for Change

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Ex Animo, Random Thoughts

“Het Wilhelmus” der Cuddles

My Cuddles, It’s time to “Shenron Mode” our courage. No one will understand our impulse. They think we need them. They need us. But still they treat us so loveless. I want to “take my friends on tour” as well. You all have your own planes, if not, you could share them (with me looool faka government plane). It’s time for Fang School. Being a nerd is not something you should be shunned for. It’s a gift. Making them feel jealous. Talent is a necessity. Let’s stop wasting time. And try to reach the maximum of our capacities. It’s going…

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Random Thoughts

An Impulse for Mark Zuckerberg

Hi Mark, I was just thinking of you. I hope you (will) read this. A lot of people say “fuck Facebook” these days. That must be very emotionally heavy for you. It’s too bad they lack compassion. Because you’ve just created the social network to bring people together and nothing else. It the same people who are destroying your image, are the ones writing new nonsense posts every single day. Maybe they’re right. “Fuck Facebook”. Just “delete” the whole thing. Don’t you think it’s time for something new? Cash out? -xxx-

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Online Diary

Wednesday April 18, 2018

20:58 (08:58 PM) Hiii my cuddle (I like using 3 I’s. For HiiiPower reasons. (Shoutout to my cuddle K-cuddle. “I see you”. Ahahahah. Oh and a lot of cuddles to my Cuddle Cat. I wish I was there with you… I thought I was the only one who had to deal with those “close friends” who say they’re your biggest supporters, but are the most unsupportive.)) I must give my mother some credit for trying to save the last bit of this family. I don’t think she would listen to me for relationship advice, especially not when I say: “Leave…

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Is the person for who(m?) this note is written a schizophrenic?

Huh? Is that a black female university dropout who’s from the Netherlands? She’s making rap music? And she’s running for president? (The person who wrote the note doesn’t know about the last two statements.) The curly handwriting says (I’m going to solely literally translate it): “I went to the mouth hygiënist (I hope you brought a key with you . Totally forgot)” The other handwriting says: “Of course  I  had a key with me =)” And then there’s a note that says “sugar” on the left. She’s very forgetful herself… (Forgot that the mouth hygienist appointment was an hour earlier…

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Blog, Drafts, Nosce Te Ipsum

Draft: [Nosce Te Ipsum I MUST READ!!!:] The Escape Plan

This “article” has had many versions. Getting to freedom isn’t easy. I guess risking a lot of bad publicity again, is the only way. May 22nd is all I have to say. I’m keeping this a draft. Insiders know: So, wandering around is not a problem to me, but could I get some cuddles, some good food and a ____(5) massage? [My book club + witnesses + NTI government members (partially)] #1 Leland Wayne (S) #2 Jacques Webster (P) #3 Quavious Marshall (S) #4 Benoît Crutzen (P) #5 Kendrick Duckworth (P) #6 Solaná Rowe (P) #7 DeAnthony Carlos (S) #8…

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Art, Drafts


“That looks cool. Is that Medusa?” “No… But thanks.” I didn’t want to make anything “Medusa related”, I just wanted to show a beautiful body, with “big hair”, sitting in a meditative position, resembling calmth. I shaped the body out of one piece of clay, I first made cylinder shaped. The hair was attached later, just like the layer of black glass paint. I made this in the hospital as well. “Zendusa on dusty piano.” (It sounds like a saloon piano.)

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Draft: Rijke Nederlanders in Suriname?

Surimi sticks, verse noodles, paksoi, garlic, ginger, ketjap marinade, unions, white wine. Zou u met de winst van uw onderneming willen investeren in een bedrijf dat wilt u daar een huis in Suriname bij? Er komt daar een “mijnbedrijf” bij (overkopen?) (Mijn opa deed zaken in Ghana? Hij hield zich bezig met overheidsfinancien. Ik ben Surinaams. Hij woonde in Nederland. Vandaag ben ik om 08:46 gaan ontbijten. Ik heb melk met cornflakes (mijn oma maakte vroeger altijd melk met muesli. Toen ze jonger was kon ze heel goed koken.) Vervolgens ben ik gaan douchen terwijl ik naar muziek luisterde. We…

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Ex Animo

a poem 19/04/’18

Seafood platters Blood splatters I need to edit the rest of my blog What the fog What was I thinking “Making it go viral in advance” will cause trouble But I’m still gonna burst a bubble Meet me in Paris. Felt how the Earth shook? Save my ebook 😀

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Online Diary

Tuesday April 17, 2018

10:57 AM Good morning! How did you sleep? Currently, I’m in the metro. I’m on my way to stop Eendrachtsplein, to buy a few pre-rolled joints. After that I’m going to buy some groceries for dinner. I need to make the mathematics test today. It’s due at 23:59 (11:59 PM). I’d rather keep my focus on Nosce Te Ipsum, but since I’ve requested study financing, which I’ll receive on the 24th of April, and I want to keep having the right to receive this, I need to keep “being an official student” (so to not drop out) until I’m free….

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Blog, Online Diary

Monday April 16, 2018

Hi Cuddle How was your day? Today I’ve gone home after having stayed at my grandmother’s house since last week Saturday (April 7th). During that time I’ve cooked for her, we’ve gone to a cafe for some coffee (and chocolate milk for me, since I can’t handle caffeine that well), we’d visited her physician and we played bingo together with her friends… That doesn’t really sound like fun activities for a 21 year old, but I just needed a change of scenes. (At home I heard: “Stop sitting behind that computer. You’re making your head too full,” too often. I’m…

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Nosce Te Ipsum (image)

This is a drawing I made with pastels and chalk crayons, while I was at EMC. I scanned it and added some effects with photoshop, to make it seem more “computerized”. This is the end result. It’s the cover image of Nosce Te Ipsum I’s very first episode.

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Random Thoughts

Some annoyance…

I don’t think it’s pleasurable to have feces as a topic of a regular conversation. This might sound very random to you, but “in my family” even during dinner it just has to be mentioned. (Wait until I play the recordings of “The Easter Table” for you haahahahahahah.) Then there’s privacy while being on the toilet. I don’t like being disturbed while listening to music. What I think is even worse, is being disturbed while you’re listening to music on the toilet. You call my name. I say yes. You call my name again. I say yes again. On the…

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