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Ex Animo


What if my body and mind can do way more than I believe is possible? I set my own mental boundaries. Can we escape time? Because I feel like having dinner on the beach. Wait. Are you down to go to a place where you can do whatever you feel…

Ex Animo


Fear the Alpha. With his empty Clouds that bring darkness to life. Duality in Reverse implies The Beta. Female Equivalency powered by the East’s Light. A Dove with Hawk-like ambitions. Are you ready to Evolve? Stop it, Babylon. I’m an Amazon. Lil Fangs

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Suicidal Weakness

Kendrick Lamar – Mortal Man Do you think about death? I notice there are huge contrasts in opinions about suicide. Some people consider it an act of cowardice. “Not being able to deal with reality so taking the easy way out.” Other people regard to it as an act emboldened…

Posts from my old blogs

Finding My Purpose

What’s your life’s purpose?       Finding out what your inner mission is and how to put this into practice can be quite a battle. While coping with daily life you somehow also need to find out who you are. Hopefully those who don’t know what their true passion…

Posts from my old blogs

Are Muslims the new Jews and Blacks?

Frank Ocean – Bad Religion From my own observation of history, I seem to notice a trend. It’s like there’s always a group of people who get associated with bad things happening in the world. During the Second World War the Jews were stigmatized with “being the cause of all…

Ex Animo

The Truth

Do you Follow? Do you Create? Exhibition Spiritually dormant? Spiritually cognizant? Inner Mission Ever gazed at the Moon? Ever stared into the Sun? Divination Are you happy? Do you satisfy yourself? Your Creation Do you believe in yourself? Are you part of something greater? Inhibition Are you self-preservative? Do we…

Ex Animo

The Weakness

A slave to my passions. Not able to lie. [When I tell someone something that isn’t in synch with the truth a wave of self-hatred and disgust captivates me, for hours.] It’s hard to be yourself when you’re used to being disrespected for being a dreamer. F*** that, though. I…

Ex Animo


The Universe was created when you came to Earth. Makes the words “Big Bang” sound a bit awkward. Wake up. Eddy B’s intelligence is being misused. Perception and reasoning are the key to survive. Can we make this place look like Heaven? [Hell Yeah.] Just keep your head up. And keep breathing….

Ex Animo


Come and sit on my Lap. Beauty level off the Charts. Do you value my Assets? Educated by the Bourgeoisie. Brain level PhD. Here we don’t care about that, though. I’d rather swim in your sea. Lil Fangs

Drafts, Online Diary

Friday April 20, 2018

11:57 (AM) Good morning, my Cuddle About an hour ago, I was able to get out of bed. I always wake up around 8 in the morning, but I don’t want to talk, if there are other people in the house, so I tend to hide underneath the sheets. I…


Thursday April 19, 2018 (“Room tour”)

18:42 (06:42 PM) Another stressful day has almost passed. Also, my paperback got approved @ the Amazon catalog. So that’s nice. But I don’t have the “that’s nice” feeling. My father is fucking insane. 00:12 (12:12 AM) I’m sitting on the bench in front of the house. My sister is…

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Wat wil ik?

Categorie: carrière Publicatiedatum: Mijn grootste angst is over 30 jaar terugkijken op hoe mijn leven is verlopen en te denken “had ik maar…”. Ik ben dus al een tijd bezig (zeg maar gerust 9 jaar) met het uitvinden wat ik nou écht leuk vind, en denk inmiddels dat ik erachter…

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Ik volg de kudde niet.

Categorie: x Publicatiedatum: Heb je de “over theapprentice.nl” (link) pagina al gezien? Ik heb besloten mijn carrière anders in te richten dan men gewoonlijk doet. Het is nu gebruikelijk om na de basisschool, het voortgezet onderwijs en een eventuele vorm van hoger onderwijs of middelbaar beroepsonderwijs voor iemand te gaan…

Posts from my old blogs

Over TheApprentice.nl

Categorie: carrière Publicatiedatum: x (2015-2016) Op theapprentice.nl schrijf ik over alles wat ik tegenkom op het alternatieve carrièrepad dat ik heb gekozen. (link) Alles wat ik hier uit haal – of het nou positief is of negatief –  kan niet alleen leerzaam zijn voor mezelf, maar ook voor een ander….

Nosce Te Ipsum

Draft: Het Liée (for “insider Cuddles”)

Dit wordt “het gekste artikel ooit geschreven”… Instructies voor het invullen van “Het Liée” Dus ik zit in de trein. Zodra hij begint te rijden ben ik vrij. Buy my book. Fill out the forms on https://docis.international (sign up, Het Liée, donation¿). Cuddle me in Paris. Or in the train……

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Draft: Trend update

So, when social media started (for me), I was on top of “all the hypes”. I was fourteen and had a twitter account. Reflecting on all kinds of things. From politics to giving people shoutouts, while totally not reading what my “friends” are posting, but focussing on finding funny “can…

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Black Culture*

What is black culture? I can’t ask my teacher anymore… He had taught me so much. I didn’t even go to school yet, then. I could already write, though. Later, I gave my first presentation, at age 9, about the country my family is from: Surinam. My teacher had told…

Ex Animo, Random Thoughts

“Het Wilhelmus” der Cuddles

My Cuddles, It’s time to “Shenron Mode” our courage. No one will understand our impulse. They think we need them. They need us. But still they treat us so loveless. I want to “take my friends on tour” as well. You all have your own planes, if not, you could…

Random Thoughts

An Impulse for Mark Zuckerberg

Hi Mark, I was just thinking of you. I hope you (will) read this. A lot of people say “fuck Facebook” these days. That must be very emotionally heavy for you. It’s too bad they lack compassion. Because you’ve just created the social network to bring people together and nothing…

Online Diary

Wednesday April 18, 2018

20:58 (08:58 PM) Hiii my cuddle (I like using 3 I’s. For HiiiPower reasons. (Shoutout to my cuddle K-cuddle. “I see you”. Ahahahah. Oh and a lot of cuddles to my Cuddle Cat. I wish I was there with you… I thought I was the only one who had to…


Is the person for who(m?) this note is written a schizophrenic?

Huh? Is that a black female university dropout who’s from the Netherlands? She’s making rap music? And she’s running for president? (The person who wrote the note doesn’t know about the last two statements.) The curly handwriting says (I’m going to solely literally translate it): “I went to the mouth…

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“That looks cool. Is that Medusa?” “No… But thanks.” I didn’t want to make anything “Medusa related”, I just wanted to show a beautiful body, with “big hair”, sitting in a meditative position, resembling calmth. I shaped the body out of one piece of clay, I first made cylinder shaped….


Draft: Rijke Nederlanders in Suriname?

Surimi sticks, verse noodles, paksoi, garlic, ginger, ketjap marinade, unions, white wine. Zou u met de winst van uw onderneming willen investeren in een bedrijf dat wilt u daar een huis in Suriname bij? Er komt daar een “mijnbedrijf” bij (overkopen?) (Mijn opa deed zaken in Ghana? Hij hield zich…

Ex Animo

a poem 19/04/’18

Seafood platters Blood splatters I need to edit the rest of my blog What the fog What was I thinking “Making it go viral in advance” will cause trouble But I’m still gonna burst a bubble Meet me in Paris. Felt how the Earth shook? Save my ebook 😀

Online Diary

Tuesday April 17, 2018

10:57 AM Good morning! How did you sleep? Currently, I’m in the metro. I’m on my way to stop Eendrachtsplein, to buy a few pre-rolled joints. After that I’m going to buy some groceries for dinner. I need to make the mathematics test today. It’s due at 23:59 (11:59 PM)….

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My Curriculum Vitae

Monday May 21, 2018