Heysss β™₯

Last Night

I clicked “confirm” yesterday around 6 PM

After that, I realized that it’s no use going to lectures (especially because the fact that it does not suit my educational background is a bit saddening), so I have off days until my change of education program has been processed.

And I really miss the white boards I used to have in my room – not that I want them back, because I have a better alternative to be mentioned soon – for being able to quickly note whatever comes to mind I should memorize.

So I figured, today – though my flu is getting worse – is a good day to paint that one wall with school board paint. A full wall so that I have a lot of space to write wildly. πŸ™‚ It’s like a dream of mine.

So that is what I did last night until about 23:30 PM: preparing for today’s paint job.

Including wiping the wall with paint remover, by means of preparing.

Oh and I haven’t showed you this angle of my apartment yet: no television. πŸ˜€ I should get a painting for this wall though, though I’d like it to become my projection wall for when I purchase a beamer for gaming and perhaps an occasional movie.

Ah and I go crazy from having bio trash in my house (e.g. slicing an onion and throwing away the skin). The scent is awful. A large trash can with a lid (and separate containers to sort waste) should be on top of my list now. I can’t wait until I can write stuff like this down on my wall.

Me throwing away trash at 11 PM.

Oh and messy but I made salad and gebakken tonijn last night

Not that rosΓ© but still best tuna I’d ever whipped

Tea & een krentenbol met pindakaas en chocopasta as late night snack

I washed these sheets and stuff yesterday. Though I have more dekbedovertrekken, this is the only one I find prettyyy.

Ah and my grandfather’s boooks (just a handful of them though) – except the book by Stephen Hawking – meowww I’ll be able to make better use of them with the education program I switched to. β™₯

I’m going to get to painting now. Afterwards, I’ve listed some things last night I’d like to mention today.


13:37 (01:37 PM) [GMT -2]


Wall for Crayons

It’s finished yay πŸ™‚

Never before had I painted a wall. I think I did quite well. Especially because this is not for aesthetics but for crayons. πŸ™‚

It took longer than I thought though. Mainly because I used a small roller of a foam texture. The big rollers I have, I only have in a fluffy texture and that did not only not suit the type of paint I was using, it also did not suit my parsimonious way of painting.

I started around 2 and was finished around 7. In total, I used 1 liter of blackboard paint. Because I didn’t have more. 1.5 liter would have been better for a more solid second layer. Something my gut told me way before I started, but I’d rather spend that €20 on something else (and stay inside all day).

I love its matte finish. (& That stain on the ceiling is from me making a trippy move on the ladder, staining the ceiling with black paint and then removing that with paint remover, leaving a mix of wiped out black paint and the base color of the ceiling behind. x_x)

From tomorrow I can write on it yay. πŸ˜€ (And when I move, I should either paint this white myself or hire a painting service.)

Educational Transition

I wonder how long it will take for my switch of program to be logged. I mean I find it really chill to have some time to enjoy my apartment without thinking of pending school tasks, but the longer it takes, the more I miss.

Economist suits ProfFangs better than Mathematician, I guess. I’m very happy with my decision, and happy that I did it this way. Without having tapped into mathematics education here, I would not have known it does not suit me. Now, in case I find economics not challenging enough again, I know it’s better to stick to challenging myself by using the theory in practice. It’s better than having trying to keep up as my challenge.

Plus, as a Mathematician I think one should enjoy being challenged by mathematical puzzles and making mathematical puzzles for others, and I do not always have that insight.

So yes yay, at least three years of economics (for becoming ProfFangs takes more time, according to the academic system) coming up.

Previously, blogging as Lil Fangs and existing in general were like torture, being stuck in the same spot. Now, as a student, I will be stuck in the student spot for a while, but at least it will get me somewhere in this sheepy shit system and at least I have my own apartment that is designed in a way that is very satisfying to me.

Really, my blogging only has purpose when I’m shaking things up. (En dan bedoel ik contextueel mijn handen aan de knoppen hebben als in economisch beleid met een wiskundige grondslag.) Other than that, I’m just posting new things so that people keep visiting my websites and I will have an audience when I finally get to shaking things up.

So yes, this does not comply with any how-to-run-a-business sheepy customs. As everyone notices. Lights. This is not a product made to be popular. If that were so, that means that I’d have to dumb it down way further.

I’m still not shaking things up. And I still have a lot of half-contextual things to mention. To give you an impression of why my blog posts – except my books, poems and essays – have been about nothing: this post is themed painting a wall. While my psychiatric past is still haunting me and there still has been no Volta. Though me living on my own now has caused a Lil Volta of 70%. All I need to do is seal things (but that includes my title of ProfFangs and that takes long πŸ™ ) and then I can start shaking things up. Sociopolitieconomilegally. (Notice the 1 “l”, for I’m not breaking any rules.)


Oh my goddd I’m turning 23 in exactly one month from now. x_x 23 and I’m still not changing the world with my alternative policy in practice meow this hurts. What hurts more than that is my past 2 birthdays. Therefore I do not want to celebrate my birthday. I’m considering to visit my shrink on November 1st. The most stressful and traumatic day of the year to me. The sentiment that comes with birthdays, combined with the hurtful loneliness I’ve experienced on my past 2 birthdays. I’m happy I can be alone now…

Though I’d rather not be 100% alone the way I am right now. I’d like to be 99% alone, accompanied by some sexy Graeynissis. Our minds are so similar that being together feels the same as being alone: I can act just as “weird” without feeling weird (or being called “weird”).

What would be over-satisfyingly sexy right now is a houseTishe. Like I couldn’t help but notice and worry those above averagely frequent weeks off? Next time being free be my houseTishe, please? πŸ˜€ We can be alone now. =x I’m just so curious about perception and vrijetijskleding enzo…

We moeten gewoon een keer voor de grap de rollen omdraaien ofzo. (Ik wil echt heel graag een huisman met een haarnetje. Ahahaha just kidding.) Wil best graag kostwinnaar zijn. And then come home to you every day. 😻

Meowww I’m going to take a bath and – in contrast to last time’s no phone policy – write a new blog post.

To be continued.


13:37 (01:37 PM) [GMT -2]