This was by far the fastest dish I’ve ever made.

I used:
Grated cheese (a lot)
An union
Tomatoes (a lot, I used 5, but this is not “for one day”)
“Sea salt with Mediterranean herbs” (the mixture I’m using also has a hint of red pepper in it)
Unsalted butter

If you’re on a budget, like I was, when I came up with and cooked this, this is a very tasty and financially strategic dish. For $16 I bought everything new, at the Publix supermarket (I also bought chewing gum). (This is a relatively expensive supermarket. You could get these things for even less.)
Since I’ll be here in Miami for only one more day, and I have no other groceries here, I’m going to eat the same thing tomorrow.

While the water for the pasta was getting heated up, I cut the onion and tomatoes. I started to boil the pasta. In a separare large frying pan, I fried the union in butter and added a little of the spice mix to it. When the unions “became see-through” (not literally), I added the tomatoes. Add some spice. When the tomatoes start losing their shape, add the pasta. (Add spice again.) Let the mixture cook for a while. (I like every taste of my food to be in the foreground. But I don’t add that crazy much every time. I think it’s because they’re not fresh herbs, that the taste isn’t that strong, so you need more. It still tasted really nice, though. (Way nicer than I expected.)) When the pasta is al dente (add a little bit of water and let it evaporate, if it isn’t), stir in the cheese. (They only had these big bags of grated cheese at the supermarket. (They’re big compared to Dutch standards. There were even bigger bags…)) The amount of cheese I used is enough to call it “mac and cheese with tomatoes and Mediterranean herbs”. (Even though, “normally” (it’s not that often) when I make mac and cheese, I add creme fraiche and garlic to the mixture.)

Eet smakelijk :]

Since I was cooking for only one person, from all the tomato mixture I made (I used about five large tomatoes. The union I bought was so big, compared to Dutch standards) I only used half to add the pasta and cheese to. The other half, I put aside to cool, to refrigerate and use tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I’ll boil the rest of the bag of pasta I have, heat up the tomato mixture, add the pasta, drained, and add the cheese to it. An even faster version than today’s. You could also put the mixture in the freezer, in case you have a day on which you don’t feel like cooking, but still want to eat home cooked food, or you want to save up (again). Or both, hehe.

Because I don’t have olive oil and salt here (I checked into this kitchenette hotel room today), I stirred the pasta (I used rigatone, but you could use any type of pasta with this mixture) while it was cooking and added a cube of butter, after draining it, to prevent it from sticking.