Heyyys ♥

I’m on my way to Grand Vision for my presentation now. Instead of driving there myself, which was the original plan, my father had to be in Amsterdam anyway so he is dropping me off. Now I can have some beers as well yay. 🙂 (Ahahaha I really feel like jugging some, but will keep it appropriate haha.)

This is such an interesting moment in my life. I hope this will be the first of many speaking opportunities. For that I need to perform well today.

Starting with being on time omg we’re stuck in traffic. 🙁 That’s not a super big deal at the moment for we left on time enough. What is stressing me out a little is that we are going to pick up my uncle first – visiting from the Bahamas for a cryptocurrency event – and I want to be at Grand Vision an hour in advance. Now yes I was being a little slow with getting ready (and I stained my dress with bronzer omg Friday the 13th ahahahahaha) but meow dropping me off only takes a second and I don’t know how long my uncle will take to get into the car and how terrible the traffic will be in the center of Amsterdam. I’d like a moment of zen before I begin, instead of running in and having to start right away.

Hahahaha I’ve taken a funny measure to hide my sweatyness earlier (one of the reasons why I took long to get ready). I’ve taped some panty liners onto the inside of the armpits of my dress to absorb my sweat ahahahahaha. I hope to be able to lift my arms without feeling embarrassed and that they won’t fall out of my dress ahahahahaha.

Meowww I’m a tiny bit nervous about using the right words for slide transitions. (You know, the words you say right before you go to the next slide, to keep everything making sense.) And about being able to hide my nerves. But I’ll be fine though. The worry is not that much. I’m more focused on having fun. 🙂

I’m going to revise my slides and will probably be here again at the end of the day. Ciaooo xxx


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Ah yay I will be dropped off first. 🙂 🙂 🙂



As I’m writing this, I’m in the metro to home. At Oostplein currently. The realization of having experienced the moment I have been living up to is not entirely there yet. But I feel the rush of excitement and happiness all over. 🙂

Though in the beginning of my presentation I was rustyyy. Haha I was really lost for words, exactly with the transition of slides thing I mentioned earlier, and explaining the endeavor of my business and what that has to do with the personal ambitions of every single person on Earth and causality and stuff… It was rusty xd.

But at a later point I became more loose. Especially at the more interactive part, being able to get more direct feedback from my audience. I had no idea if they were enjoying it or not, which made me overthink my words a lot in the beginning. It was my first time doing this after all.

We were with a very diverse group of people from different backgrounds and different ages (though mainly people in their twenties and thirties). Our outcome is very interesting: the great majority of people (no definitive calculations yet, but let’s say 90%) values independency over stability and would rather see their life change than see it stay the same. All that is thus left is providing them an opportunity that suits there wish of more independency, which is what D.O.C.I.S. International is all about. 🙂

More about that and other cool things tomorrow because I can barely keep my eyes open.

Goooood night ♥


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