01:05 (AM)

Meowww my laptop is processing the video of three hours I made earlier, reading and elaborating on yesterday’s diary post, while eating sushi 🙂 . I’ll let you know when it’s online 🙂 .

I keep postponing changing around my websites, because I would rather pay someone to do it… That’s how I ended up reading a post out loud for you 🙂 .


02:16 (AM)

My video is almost fully processed now 🙂 . You can follow the process live here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3wL_B9_mcA&feature=youtu.be

Meanwhile, I’m going to bed.

Goood nighttt ♥


14:51 (02:51 PM)

Good afternoon ♥

I don’t know what time I’ll be heading over to my aunt’s yet. Assuming that it’s going through. In the video, I mentioned that she asked me when I was coming to stay over at her place, on the phone yesterday, and that I told her “tomorrow” 🙂 .

I’m about to make myself “breakfast”… Hungry as fuckkkkk…


16:19 (04:19 PM)


AHAHAHAHA oooh my goddd 05:30 got me crying out of laughter! 😂 😂 😂

[Hadn’t shared that here yettt]

In other news: I’m sitting at the dinner table with my phone w/music on, wearing a bathrobe, just having finished my first meal of the day, which was more ramen. Better foods are expensive for me meowww 🙁 . I wonder what Victishe eats for breakfast… I also wonder if he’ll ever give me Cishes. Sealing the eternal, in my case, can never be too soon 🙁 . I want influence and someone sexy whose arm candy I can be…

Going back to bed 🙁 .

I like watching my own videos 😂


21:00 (09:00 PM)

I’ve been in extreme bed pet mode for most of the day again. Dreaming of wanting someone I can’t have?

Haha Victishe must know I was catching feelings already. Every time I’ve heard him speech and everyone regularly applauds, I was saying “Woooohoooo” like a little mascotte 😂 .

How can I get Cishes? 🙁

Interesting Twitter activity:

I’m going to my aunt early tomorrow, by the way, instead of today.

Have you ever cried out of loneliness?


22:22 (10:22 PM)

I like Twitter “debates” like thisss 🙂

I find my ex a bitch when it comes to this and generalizing genders, by the way, calling all females “an enigma to men”. Domste shit die ik ooit heb gehoord.

I want to take the stage and set a better example meowww. With you and Victishe by my side ♥ .


22:33 (10:33 PM)

I hadn’t even shared my morning anxiety with you yet, by the way:

And the prettiness of my grandmother:

Do I look like my mother?

? 🙂

Though I shouldn’t share the serious contents of my mind, I think, I said that the difference between our pictures indirectly shows how much the world has become a police state. I wasn’t allowed to smile and had to show my earlobes. There was much more freedom in the past, when it comes to things like that. Before the internet…

Reminds me of this answer, which isn’t forwarded to Twitter, because it includes “fucking”

&& Meoww this Victishe 🙁 :