The Unpublished Episodes of Nosce Te Ipsum I [Paperback Edition]




In 2017, a false rumor caused a lot of bad publicity for me. After this, a loophole in the system got me stuck in a situation I wasn’t supposed to be in. I wanted to write myself to freedom, while making a positive change in our society, so I started the Nosce Te Ipsum series. The new version of the series doesn’t contain information about my personal situation. It is all about my plans for you and me, which I also mention in this book, but not as extensive.

It has taken a lot of courage, for the content is ve-ry personal and it could be interpreted in so many ways. I want to re-spark the discussion that got me stuck under a surveillance I shouldn’t have been under. Hopefully, this will re-unite me with a very dear friend, of whom other people have told me he had been involved in my case. I haven’t been able to reach him ever since. He is supposed to play a key role in Project Nosce Te Ipsum…

Only with your support, I will be able to get the freedom I need, to start Project Nosce Te Ipsum.



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