I'm in search of a greater task than maintaining these websites. I'm done here. Consider this an old picture album.

Project Nosce Te Ipsum

[This is a public draft… I like to show my process 🙂 ]

I’m very not motivated to continue finishing this page, because no one dares to read my books, yet people dare to call it “ineffective”. At least read my work, before you decide to judge me. Web page contents are summaries. Marketing texts are unimportant. Read The Hypothesis. 

Classic theories in a modern context, science fiction, trap music, a type of business government that has not occurred in human history yet, scientific research, a new symphony, a video game that is also a long survey… That and much more is what makes up Project Nosce Te Ipsum!

On this page, you can find everything about the project, which is an initiative D.O.C.I.S. International, directed by me 🙂 .


The Purposes of the Project

There are many reasons to run this project. I believe this is inevitable. It’s the reason I still have hope for the future, in case I’ll find investors for this it will be pushed through.

The Book Series


The Three Fangses

I’m starting ahead, doing this intuitively, until I have found advising experts to confirm (or suggest changes to) my theories. I use the definitions of classic theories and intuitive argumentation, to formulate codes of my own. They become official once they’re proved. Currently, they’re still disputable.

The basics of my theoretical analysis touch on the disciplines of economics, law and (mass) communication. Every discipline has its main questions, with a very long back story. I’m going to show you the questions and the blog categories that show all about them. Plus the progress.


  • What would an economic model of all of the models that make up our global system look like? (Including what is indeterminate.)
  • What will “The Planet Fang Model” look like? (Applied to those who decide to live under the Planet Fang system.)


  • What do the people want, legally? (Let’s say we start over from scratch.)
  • What are the steps to declare a privately owned piece of land an independent state?
  • How will Planet Fang be built up, legally?


  • What is the pattern of steps in a (financial) domino effect?
  • What is our (global) political direction? (The definition of the conclusion of the aggregate of domino effect after-effects.)
  • How to alter the system, without disrupting it?