Project Nosce Te Ipsum

This is not the official Project Nosce Te Ipsum Page. I’m changing the project concept right now. What was previously released from it, I have deleted from all sources of the web… It doesn’t represent the…….


Haha in the meantime I have re-published the same articles I deleted from what I’ve previously written about Project Nosce Te Ipsum. It is ve-ry very very very uncommon material – and I was afraid I was going to be abandoned by everyone [but don’t take this personal, please] if someone would misinterpret it for mainstream nonsense and then gossip about it – so it might be a bit vague for introduction material (because there are so many different impressions), but now that I don’t have much off time to work [echo: “off time to work” help :D], and this website is under maintenance, new material will be released – if all goes well – around the end of September / the beginning of October. In the meantime, I decide what articles I should keep published. Would you like to help me decide? In the meantime, you could also do Nosce Te Ipsum related self-reflection polls.