07:28 (AM)

Good morning 🙂 ♥

I have soo much inspiration for my new book, my meow 😀 . And I’m certain that you’ll love the preview I’m going to put online somewhere before the day I publish it – June 30th will be the date on which I release the book, to keep my “publishing cycle” semi-intact. There will be a Dutch and an English version 🙂 .

The price of FangCatje will be upped from €1 (what I said yesterday) to €3,33 (“opening” sale price) and €7,77 (after sale price), because I’m expecting as depressingly few sales as usual and my wallet is still quite empty. It will be sold on most platforms (this time again).

By means of taking proper care of myself in the meantime – for I have not slept last night – I will only be using my mobile phone for listening to music when I cycle to the store to buy some things for the cover later [I will be drawing haha].

I’ll be back again to tell you “good night” later and wish you an awesome day 🙂 ♥ #Cishes


09:10 (AM) 

I’m almost ready to give you my preview of FangCatje, my meow 😀 . (“My meow” is practically the same as “my n***ga”.)


11:57 (AM)

I have two PDFs ready now yays 🙂 . Time to get to drawing the cover image and then I can do some with-the-last-money-I-have Twitter pre-marketing when I’m done. (And just hope that you prefer a video version and help me out with that because I’m kind of fucking tired of writing and so are you ???? 😀 )


20:03 (08:03 PM)

My previews are online 🙂 . Here you can find the English version of FangCatje. Here you can find the Dutch version of FangCatje. 

This is how the rest of my day went:

This was me last night, starting to write FangCatje in Dutch (my native language)

I just couldn’t stop writing until I was at the point where I introduce the next chapter.

By the time I was here, the sun was already coming up.

After I finished the introduction chapter, I tried to sleep. I was tired, but still had too many thoughts flowing through my mind to fall asleep. So I decided to just eat some breakfast and start translating what I had written down to English.

Before I started drawing like I said in today’s 11:57 (AM) update, I headed to the store first, to buy new coloring pencils, an eraser and black paper.

Me thinking “I need an income and new clothing…” These clothes were too loose, but the most wearable (that also matches my newest shoes).

My face when I think of the chance of my propagandist strategy working out


I just felt like randomly taking pictures…

Do “we” still do this? 😂


This feels like 2012 (mime)

I cycled to Prinsenland because I had this feeling that I would have better options there. Then I happened to come across this:

The neighborhood semi-named after the Dutch king exists for 25 years now: Prinsenland. I’ve lived there from age 3 until I was 8. (I wonder how long Rotterdam Prins Alexander exists?) I wonder if the king is celebrating this…?

These were my best options

So I started the drawing process

Right is how I am on the outside and left is how I am on the inside (it’s basically extreme emotions of all kinds. You must have noticed them, if you’re a frequent visitor of my blog 🙂 .)

My other websites et cetera are still unfinished. I’m exhausted, my meow. I can’t do this alone anymore 🙁 . I hope that the way I’ll now pre-market the unfinished book FangCatje will tip the right people to take the right kind of action. In the end, for me it’s all about the goal I want to reach as a propagandist. There are much more beneficial and efficient ways in which I could work on this, but for that I need people to place more reactions on my post, share my content more frequently and join the debate about my many controversial actions. Am I a criminal for sharing my thoughts about death and killing? Do you think I am a schizophrenic? Are there any Graeyniss things I could do for you? 😀 Please, give me something. Let’s start this hype. I hope that it works.

I’m going to put the ads on Twitter now – if it works right away – and then get some much needed rest. I can’t wait to see the effect Twitter marketing has on my statistics 😻 . I’ll probably wake up to it. I hope you’re enjoying what you read here 🙂 . I’ll be back again with a new post tomorrow.

I really hope that by saying sorry now, I can re-open the debate about me in 2017 and then link that to our justice system and then continue to speak of the economy et cetera. Please let me know your thoughts 🙂 .

Good night in advance ♥ .