All I think about is you

Even though we haven’t spent that much time together yet


My dream:

We meet up once

And you then never leave me

The Never Ending Cuddle Hangout

With our fellow Cuddles


There are not many people like us

Starting a new life with someone you barely know, might seem like taking a risk

“What if our personalities don’t match?”

To me, now, you’re my only hope

So I say it’s so worth the gamble

Other than that there’s nothing for me here



Trust is an interesting mental concept. I always say: “There’s a limit to the amount of trust I can give someone.” 

You might want to conform to your promise, but when a situation becomes extreme, let’s say we’re in “survival mode”, would you still stick to it? 

I compare my input with your output. I treat someone the way I want to be treated. 



Hurt me once, I let it slide.

Hurt me twice, I point out that your statements are offensive and/or hurtful.

Hurt me three times, and with my words I indirectly make you feel the pain I feel.

Hurt me four times, and I will slowly but surely distance myself from you, for all eternity.

Then our personalities just don’t match. 


What have I done for you? What have you done for me? 

Have you helped me, when I was in need? Have I been able to empty out my burdens with you? Have you made me feel loved? Have you truly been nice to me? 

(Or is it all just an act? Have my gestures of love become expectations to you, while the only thing you do is blurt out hurtful nonsense? Is there nothing you have done for me, while I have gone the extra mile for you?) 

With a simple calculation, you can predict if that person is someone you could trust, in the situations you think trust is important. This differs per person. (I don’t like reading that much, so these “fatcs” [= actually always subjective, for they start with a question from the perception of one person, which is answered according to the same personal perception] are off the top.)


I might need that one day. 

I’d love to do the Maths for you. I’m so lonely in my being “the “I say you’re so smart no one really understands you, so you must stay my friend” people tell me, while I actually have so many people to choose from, but I’m looking for someone like you, because the people saying “I say … my friend”, are less intelligent people I can’t communcate with”-situation. 

Minder proza, mijn Cuddle?  

I want you all to myself, my Cuddle… 

We’re dealing with a problem that we can only solve together. 

I have options, but no chosen allies. I’m waiting for the “Wow” Cuddle. 

As in having one or more of the following “Wows”:

Wow, you’re just as passionate about using your intellect as I!! <3

Wow, you’re making me feel so loved!! <3

Wow, there’s so much we can do for each other!! <3

¡¡Wow, you just went the extra mile for me!! <3

Wow, I have never felt so special!! <3

Wow, my work can make such a big difference for you!! 😀

Wow, you could have kept your luxurious routine, which makes shallow people look up to you, but you chose to challenge your intellectual side more, by making a career switch, for which its success still needs to be worked for, as a collective, which is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m trying to look as though I can carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. But without Graeynissis, I can’t do that. It’s not our responsibility, but we’re the only ones smart enough to be able to put our minds to it. 

I don’t know much about: “Hi, my name is (…), but I’m giving you this name because of my financial status. I don’t (often or ever?) befriend people who I don’t share this status with. I work in a system you basically can’t enter if you don’t know the right people or don’t have the right status. In my community, I can not share my appreciation for Lil Fangs.” ¿

Meoow you’re so interesting!!! Much more interesting than the [this is why I’m still solo. I’ve heard people indirectly say this way too fucking often, and then after that they say they want to be my ally]: “Hi, my name is (…). Currently my occupations are (…), but I’m not passionate about them at all. I want to do something else, but I don’t know what. I do not spend time thinking about it, because I don’t want to be confronted with how I don’t know what my talents are. I spend my time complaining and trying to forget that I exist. I find it funny and comforting to see that other people are doing worse than I. The only reason why I befriend people, is because I don’t like to be lonely and I have opportunistic traits.”

Way too many people on Earth are like that. They find their weakness cool and emphasize it in their conversations. That shit is sooo toxic! It’s like an epidemic, too… (Just like swearing? It doesn’t even feel comfortable, to me. But sometimes, that seems to be the only way I can get my point accross…)

On Yah movement of my skull, I live to unite us in safety. But pardon me for doing this blindfolded, for I am not familiar with the type of life you live, about which I’m very eager to learn. 

Haha, the people sometimes mistake me for someone of your status. If that were so, I would not have to spend time with someone with a toxic mentality, who blames it on the lack of money and intelligence. I would be in a VERYYYYYYYYYY remote area, making big changes. 

There will be a short first Nosce Te Ipsum, which I will start to write soon. I intend to release it, before October starts. For many, that is not a pleasant surprise [for cryptonite reasons] (reference to the front page of this blog). I have also “spoiled” it, purposely, because I want you, My Sharp Cuddle Who I Love So Much More For Reading Every Word I Write, to stay on stand-by. Only in that way, we keep the right people inside our organization. Council members are chosen once, and keep this position for the rest of their lives. The “Baalish” opportunists always come second.