This feels like a good moment for a rationalization of my actions again. As Fangyusual a semi-provocative (but probably mostly ignored) reflection. 

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What is logical to me is not logical to everyone else (though maybe to some it is). Every now and then I devote a blog post, or a passage in a blog post, to explaining why I have made certain decisions. In this post I will rationalize my actions by answering questions. Let me start with the most important one:

Why am I keeping this blog?

To portray a shift from the perspective of the one putting it in motion. My mission is and always has been to redesign the system (combination of economics, politics, law et cetera) to the versatile and sustainable mechanism it should be (and already could have been). On my blog, I share information about what concepts I am developing to put into practice and I share the methods I use to and circumstances under which I am doing this. Consider it real-time history in the making.

Rationalization rationalization rationalization.

What direction am I working towards?

All of my diary posts until about July, as one story, describe my perspective on change, politics and society in general (as well as a detailed description of general living circumstances). A summarization of this:

  • I consider culture the greatest cause of today’s societal problems.

There are many rants of me venting about the disturbing aspects of culture. By culture I mean the standards by which people treat and communicate with each other, what is considered “good/cool” and what is considered “bad/lame” in general (not only morals, also trends) and traditional habits.

Let me illustrate this by sharing my perspective on this video:

Mister Kuzu from the DENK party starts off his speech by standing up for Dutch people with Turkish roots in this time of increased political tension in Turkey, to which a lot of Dutch people with Dutch roots respond with discrimination. The Dutch media proclaim Turkey has taken illegal measures and in every single interruption of mister Kuzu his speech, members of the Second Chamber demand that he says that what the Turkish government is doing in name of mister Erdogan is wrong. Mister Kuzu refuses to do this and the rest does not understand why.

Culture is a great problem here, because the opinion of the majority of Dutch Dutch people is based on the conclusions they draw from reading newspapers. The perspective of Turkish Dutch people is based on their roots (thus information passed from generation to generation) and have a direct ethnical connection with the conflicts at the Turkish border(s) (causing most Dutch Dutch and other people to identify them with this political issue, which is so simplistic).

In all of politics, people may disagree or decide not to choose a side. If the entire Chamber except DENK wants to judge Erdogan for his actions, why is that such a big problem? Why may he not disagree with the great majority in this discussion? I don’t think the Turkish government cares much about the opinion of the Dutch government – especially in this case (where they still carry the heaviest load in the immigration crisis) – in the first place? This digitalized drama media culture justifies all sorts of nonsense.

The migration conflict (as well as other conflicts) brings me to my second view:

  • Communities should be based on personality and ambitions, instead of nationality, ethnicity and interests. 

The classification can be defined by the Nosce Te Ipsum survey, of which the outcome describes your personality and ambitions in a fixed format.

  • In my view, overpopulation is one of the greatest causes for growing environmental damage. Something for which the most rational solution should be sought.

I have done a couple of suggestions. Though they all relate to death and warfare in a specific non-discriminatory context. Based on personality, ambitions and competence, one will or will not be targeted. Here age, race, religion, disabled/not disabled, et cetera do not play a role in deciding if you will stay or not. (Rational: if you spend life wasting resources without contributing anything, why live? (If one’s answer to that is “well you can have a great time with your friends blah blah”: doing that for 1 year is the same as doing that for 50 years. For the sake of saving the planet better keep it short.))

But most people probably find that everyone should be entitled to a long healthy life and all wealth and resources (something impossible). So I, tacitly, stick to my view unless I can endorse someone with a better, “more rational” solution, before.

I hoped to be able to start a discussion about this by elaborately discussing this view of mine (in a court case), but it was labeled as “schizophrenia”. Now that it is proved (case almost closed) that I am not a schizophrenic, what will this be defined as next?

  • The value of a product should solely be based on its availability. Supply should solely exist on an order-basis. 

For this I refer you to Looking at Markets Differently (opens in new tab) and Fangyist Economics & Initiating Change (opens in new tab).

  • Artificial intelligence should be a more common product for mass production.

Because this will further automate the robotic (as in repetitious labor) function of some [most] human beings. I have some really cool ideas for artificial intelligence projects. I hope D.O.C.I.S. International will also sell robots in the future. 🙂

  • Governmental decisions should be based on public surveys.

It’s what I’m trying to accomplish with the Nosce Te Ipsum series. The Hypothesis is an example of this (opens in new tab).

  • Health care requires digitization of the diagnostic process.

This will make health care more accessible. If – with artificial intelligence – the supply of health care will be made more compact and easier to become accessible on a larger scale (as well as cheaper).

By blogging and publishing books I have tried to set this in motion. But I’m not getting a societal response, after quite a lot of effort, so I have decided to – ugh – resort to the traditional route. A.k.a. bachelor (with perhaps doing research and suggestions for the Surinamese government for my major and thesis* 😀 ) -> (master ->) PhD. Where to get my masters and PhD I don’t know yet, though. Hopefully Stanford and otherwise Berkeley. 😀

Rationalization rationalization rationalization.

Why did I take the picture in the header of this post?

Did the image grab your attention? If not, the situation may be more hopeless than I thought. 🙁

The image was there before the rest of the post. You see, I’m quite bored. I’m getting ahead of my study schedule already and I still have no one to cuddle with.

Late at night last night (past 2 PM for sure), I was chatting with someone on snapchat. I have frequently received nudes from a wide range of people, but rarely send them. Yesterday cravings for someone to touch were (as always) higher than the day before [y’all killing me], so – after a long period of contemplation – I, still doubting, said: “I want to send you a suggestive picture, but I don’t know if I should do it [trust related] and if it will be sexy.” The response was that I shouldn’t overthink it because I’m beautiful. Hesitatingly, but still trying to keep it smooth, I sent this image followed by the text in the caption:


“Your response?”

Sexting is not the place for essays. Graeynissis attracted to “sapiosexual” women who love sex like I do – I’m in de veronderstelling dat you already know this but – if a female who rarely sends nudes sends you (and in this hypothetical situation you frequently send nudes) a suggestive picture and asks you for your response, you should not respond by giving a review (and saying “not that much skin” like this porn generation is used to). Respond with – taking away one’s insecurities – an image or video showing that you’re aroused.

The review with that the image didn’t show that much skin but my lips and boobs (~boobs~ (say breasts to this articulate wild Catje please…)) are nice made me regret my action and shut the lights off to go to bed. But I wasn’t able to catch sleep (or find the mental tranquility I need, to be able to masturbate myself to sleep like I always do), plus I was suddenly shook up by the thought: “What if that picture is leaked? I better make sure I’m the one doing it, then. (So that – from a spindoctor’s perspective – there is no “double life” image portrayed.) And use it as the featured image of a diary post that has more meaning than a regular diary post.” So I turned the lights back on to make a replica of the (by me unsaved) Snapchat picture I sent.


And another one. 🙂

Haha and then I laughed from thinking: “What if I e-mail these pictures to Victishe?” Hahahahaha what would “HR” tell me then? Haha meow I’d hope I’d get some pictures back. Seriously though this big age difference, big height difference interracial thing with our personalities matching each other… Am I the only one who finds that the hottest type of sexual attraction ever? That literal inside joke was followed by the thought: “I wonder what I would see if I’d “ask a glass ball” if I’d ever sleep with Victishe?” Meoow I don’t (want to) know what would happen if I’d hear “No that will never happen.” Even if it’s just for one night.

Some will say that this suggestive nude is nothing. Others will say that I am a female without standards. It has been a while since I posted something “very provocative”. On a Sunday. 🙂 I wanted to spice up my content anyway, because it was getting quite stagnate. I also, I guess, need to publish something about what I’ve learnt from studying this far. Though for now that would just take time I should invest in studying and working on my business. D.O.C.I.S. International is currently “doing nothing”. But tomorrow I will start with my first set of D.O.C.I.S. tasks. 🙂

Ah I had not yet mentioned that I would like to create some (further modernized) sex education propaganda something for teenagers. 🙂 (Because the amount of nonsense that is considered as fact is a serious problem. And I’d include anti-stereotyping as a component of this. 🙂 )

* I’ve been saying that I find it a good thing when people contribute to the development of the country where their roots lie. When I studied IBEB, I said that I’d like to study (the island economy of) the Bahamas. But for many different reasons (and especially to also proceed in my grandfather’s mission and now that I’m still not entirely sure about who my biological father is…)

I’d like to spend some time working for the Surinamese government, if possible. To contribute to the country’s economic development. Not only nationally. In the international spectrum as well.

It’s Sunday night and I’m home, which means that it’s bathtub time again yay. 😀 Tomorrow I will, because I love the game and I should keep meeting new people (hoping they allow me to join), go for basketball practice. 🙂

In reference to yesterday, this was when I made my late breakfast and was about to get started what I had on my study planner for today.

Rationalization rationalization rationalization.

Rationalization rationalization rationalization.

Rationalization rationalization rationalization.

This is cornerstone content.

Good night ♥


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