A Reflection about Attraction: Is what I observe in society, in the context of attraction, something more people observe, or is it my own crazy? This interactive post will hopefully provide the answer to that. It is also a set of thoughts about being called “attractive” and an explanation of why I portray sexually provocative material in between my serious material.

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This video (and blog post) are created as an incentive for you to participate in another conversation I hope to get going. Please answer some (preferably all) questions (in the comment box or elsewhere). ūüôā ‚ô•

A Reflection about Attraction

> Until 02:23: introduction and overall question

First, I discuss my general, “societal”, perspective on attraction. Afterwards, I elaborate on attraction in a personal context. Overall question: do you agree with my view? Can we consider the things stated in this video as (universal) facts?

General Perspective

> Expression of attraction until 23:00

03:43 Question 1: “The expression of attraction has changed over time.” Fact? Yes/no

06:06 Question 2: Over time, there has been an increase in public obscene expression. I think the causes are nurture related. Do you agree?

09:00 Tangent: I state that most children/people in this world are “unplanned children”. Do you agree/disagree? (I agree.) [Question 3]

About this, I am partially impartial: plenty “uncontrollable children” raising children with no specific idea of what to teach that child are one of the causes of society’s bad morale. Do you agree or disagree? (I agree, though I know there must be plenty exceptions.) [Question 4]

11:10 trash parenting has nothing to do with whether the child was planned or not. Fact or not? [Question 5]

12:50 sexism in politics. I say “Nothing happened,” but the chairwoman steps up. (Though I think that’s not enough.)¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQM7GXFpjmc Then I go back to the topic of obscenity.

15:00 About dick pics. Dick pics: yes or no? [I think “no” unless people are dating or voluntarily engaging in this. I am against unwanted dick pics (and just suck at saying no).]

From 16:10 ¬†about the controversy in pornography. I used to speak about it positively because it’s better to watch porn and masturbate than to harass people. But it is harmful to people and bad for societal standards. When I said “near rape” I actually meant rape. Question: What would the porno industry be like if it weren’t worth money? [I think it would have less participants. And a lotttt of people will complain when it gets demonetized.] Would you participate in a porno if you’d get no money for it? [I would, to show a completely different example and standard. I already mentioned “microporn” in this A Reflection about Attraction video.]

21:20 Then back to obscenity. The comment section of porn sites is concerning, right? Y/N? [Yes.]


> Being attractive as topic until 38:59

Until 25:10: Today, less natural beauty needed to be found attractive due to cosmetics. Agree or disagree? [I agree.]
25:45 Below my chin is, by the way, not contoured in this video.

People express attraction in person a lot less than online. Agree or disagree? [I agree and am guilty of this.]

From 27:15: online dating y/n? [Though people say it’s good and it works, I’d say “no”.

30:50 I state that there are levels to attraction: attractive to a few, attractive in a cultural context and attractive in an universal context. Do you agree with this outline? Y/N? [I do, of course.]
(Exotic features = cultural features)

36:00 being universally attractive can be depressing. Thoughts (from those who are universally attractive)?


> Attraction and gender until 55:59

From 39:00: about women. I can only speak for women. Or just speak on behalf of a female. Or better only for just myself, for I am not your regular female.

What do you think about the following: What I state about the assumptions that come with females (who look attractive). Negative assumption in regard to attraction are, by the way, universal, right, men?

From 44:50: about men (from a female’s perspective of course). I state that – what I frequently see on my Twitter timeline – saying “all men are trash” is wrong.

Then I talk penises for quite a while. Question: is size related to attraction? [I think not necessarily, though I’d consider it a plus. When it comes to sexual pleasure I do think it makes a great difference.] Another question: do men talk about (personal) size with each other?

Tangent 50:15: I see 2 types of attraction: simple (mentally/physically) aesthetic attractiveness and “biology reproduction hormonal attractiveness”. Agree/disagree? [I agree, of course.]

51:56 does size matter? Do you only make love to someone you’re in love with (monogamously)? [Unfortunately, I do not. But I’d love to.]


Personal Perspective

> From 56:00 personal context

Unfortunately, most conversations I have, especially online, are about my appearance. My interest in people comes from my intentions as a future business leader, looking at people in a context of: “Would I hire this person?” [Unfortunately most often: “No.”

59:00 Arousing people is NOT my main focus. That is NOT why I am doing all of this!!! I hope to provoke people and that they’ll nudge those who can see through it and add something to the mission. Because I’m doing all of this without investors, I have to be creative.¬†(Plus I do think it’s a “cool, refreshing” way to display a propaganda related young business owner.)

01:05:10  I mean working down the list of tasks on the wall behind me.

01:07:00 What attractiveness is to me (and plentyyyyyy of tangents)

Tangent 01:08:00 To what community one belongs has, in the end, nothing to do with ethnicity, religion, et cetera. I think intelligence and political stance define to what group someone belongs. Agree/disagree?

01:09:20 back to the topic

Attractive to me:

  • Displays of charisma and intelligence
    Having a unique style of moving and speaking. Having an own opinion and willingness to think about things instead of replying “I don’t know” or “I/we can’t know that” to everything.
  • Experience
    I consider life experience, business/scientific experience and sexual experience 3 different categories.
  • Good posture/paying attention to posture
  • Ambition
  • Good manners

01:10:45 Question x: “Life experience is not defined by age” agree/disagree? [I agree. I mean yes, if someone is older, he/she has had more opportunities to build experience. But that does not mean that that person actually has more experience than a younger person.]

I would rather learn from experienced people than be stuck in this unpersonalized school system. Especially because I exactly know what I want and need to learn, to accomplish my mission related to societal reform.

01:16:00 insult in case of sexism*

01:19:00 Question: Are the parents who have an unwanted child good sex education teachers? [I think “no” most of the time. Though there probably are exceptions.] + I mention evolution @ “mobile generation” & video clips

Then I start talking about physical attraction and how the online sexual attention I get is depressing et cetera. Other topics mentioned: ethnicity, Zwarte Piet, global warming and president Donald J. Trump.

02:01:51 Some additions and some “bloopers” under a part of A Sketch, which is an improvisation that is in 24 Keys 24 Hours: the album that is/will be on your favorite streaming platform soon. ūüôā

Other Things to Mention

Things I forgot to mention in the video:

  • Another thing I find attractive are a (veryyy) deep voice.
  • I love protectiveness. (Unless it’s in an overly possessive manner.) E.g. telling people to stop bothering me. ūüôā

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Example Sentences

I have no children of my own, my¬†queen, but if I did, I’d hope to see them outlive me.

You would be treated like a queen at my home.

He’d certainly made her feel like the¬†queen¬†of the universe.

“You want to be¬†queen¬†of the immortals?” her father called.

As it is, she is Queen, and her word is law!

My queen, I feel I must advise you.

The queen summons you.

How godlike, how immortal, is he?

In accumulating property for ourselves or our posterity, in founding a family or a state, or acquiring fame even, we are mortal; but in dealing with truth we are immortal, and need fear no change nor accident.

If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more¬†immortal–that is your success.

To complete your luminescent Twilight makeover, Immortal Body Shimmer adds a subtle sparkle to arms, legs and shoulders while the special formula hydrates to keeps your skin looking amazing.

He’d chosen to stay with her that long, and she’d broken¬†Immortal¬†laws to take her place as his mate.

Yes. She was hurt by an Immortal and is in a coma of sorts.

The Dark One was going to turn her Immortal.

Was what she felt for Gabriel nothing more than destiny and Immortal laws she knew nothing about?

“You know the¬†Immortal¬†mating bond is what made you connect with him,” Darkyn continued.

She’s his mate by¬†Immortal¬†laws, and we both know how seriously he takes his duty.

I didn’t just turn you¬†Immortal; I turned you into one of my kind.

The¬†Immortal¬†who posed as her only friend and surgeon for years ‚Äď who also nearly killed her ‚Äď stood before her.

Deidre waited nervously, uncertain what to think about the Immortal staring at her.

It’s like Gabe being turned¬†Immortal.

Deidre never felt she belonged in the mortal or¬†Immortal¬†worlds, because she didn’t.

A familiar face appeared from the words, the golden-skinned deity she nicknamed Mr. Checkmate the first time they met at the Immortal Sanctuary.

He listened, though, curious what kind of deal human-Deidre had made with the only goddess to ever outsmart the Dark One and Immortal Laws.

The mating bond of the Immortals and deities and the blood bond of the demons were the two oldest bonds, unbreakable under the Immortal Code and from the laws older than the Code.

He wasn’t the arrogant, ruthless¬†Immortal¬†she remembered.

“Immortal¬†Law states that the mate of an¬†immortal¬†or deity is beyond ‚Äď” “Immortal¬†Law!” the first one laughed again.

He used to frown at her when she acted outside the¬†Immortal¬†Laws, unable to appreciate that a deity charged with managing a domain often had to take steps outside the rules to protect one’s underworld.

This Ancient¬†Immortal¬†hadn’t given up his soul without a struggle.

He looked around to make sure he hadn’t missed anything else that might give him a sign as to what Darkyn was doing by killing off an Ancient¬†Immortal.

The Ancient Immortal swept by her, his anger palpable.

The graceful Immortal was in the study, hands folded in his hands, as if waiting for him.

He began to think more and more that raising Andre was worth breaking the thousands of Immortal Laws it cost.

Now, I know what I should do by Immortal law.

Gabe sensed some sort of Immortal power.

Like someone who was immortal.

Being Immortal, that meant pretty much forever.

The strange Immortal world was so unwelcoming.

I happen to be an Immortal rather than a human, he said gently.

He heard how to bring an Immortal back from the dead-dead from past-Death but never saw it done.

He was going to turn her Immortal.

Am I … am I an Immortal now?

You’re¬†immortal¬†–can’t kill you.

He sensed another¬†immortal¬†in the house but couldn’t place where exactly.

I’ve wanted to protect her, but¬†Immortal¬†Code —

The immortal he sensed sat inside a large library.

Giovanni is an immortal.

As the two stared each other down, she wasn.t sure who had the better chance of winning: Gabriel, an Immortal sworn to serve Death, or Darkyn, the leader of all the demons in Hell.

You sacrificed your immortal soul for him.

You broke Immortal Code what?

I think he felt included because he was helping as much as we were.

Is it because winning the award gives them more confidence?

They were angry because their plans had been discovered.

Because you are sorry for him!

Bill Gates could make his billions because computers, with the right software, could vastly increase productivity.

He is delighted because I am here.

I am sorry because they cannot see much.

The statement is not there because you want the log per se but because the logging of the actions is what documents how much you need to pay.

Her words puzzled me very much because I did not then understand anything unless I touched it.

I say “could”¬†because¬†I doubt they have all those databases loaded yet, but you get the idea.

I don’t want you to give it up¬†because¬†of me.

Was God punishing Destiny because they had been greedy?

But that’s¬†because¬†I would be sharing the experience with another human being, and human beings form connections with other human beings.

I love you very dearly because you are my friend.

A problem arises because of the strong correlation between standard of living and energy consumption.

That was because I saw everything with the strange, new sight that had come to me.

The country requires a minimum wage because workers paid below the poverty line have an added cost on society.

It is not barbarous merely because the printing is skin-deep and unalterable.

You are the first and only one to whom I mention this, because I like you.

Was it¬†because¬†he thought she wouldn’t?

I knew the sky was black, because all the heat, which meant light to me, had died out of the atmosphere.

We have to work at jobs to create wealth because as we live our lives, we consume wealth.

I am sorry for them because they cried much.

We still have people in boring, dead-end jobs only¬†because¬†we haven’t built a machine to do the work.

Thousands of people research diseases because they individually want to cure them.

And yet they do, because fraud is a small part of the overall picture.

And no one is concerned or even notices much, because your association with that data is so removed from you.

I refer to history extensively in these pages because I believe historical people are exactly like us, only in different circumstances.

This is because technology is cumulative.

Thus, because Chad is not good at painting, he cannot paint for a living.

Because television was radio with pictures, the first television shows were simply men in suits standing in front of microphones reading the news.

I knew because I was in love with you.

It was because she seized the right moment to impart knowledge that made it so pleasant and acceptable to me.

Yet it is admirable to profess because it was once admirable to live.

And I think that helps explain why no one quite foresaw the rise of the Internet:¬†because¬†it doesn’t have an offline corollary of its own.

In fact, let’s say his own mother considered donating the portrait he painted of her to Goodwill but decided not to¬†because¬†“the poor have enough problems already.”

They don’t really worry about whether playing polo or building orphanages or any other chosen pursuit can pay the bills,¬†because¬†they don’t need it to pay the bills.

Again, the materials to build the car are abundant; their cost is high because of technology deficiencies around retrieving and refining them, not an underlying rarity.

We only have people doing this work because we have not yet developed the technology to get machines to do it.

As the saying goes, we laugh because it is true.

I just thought it was because he was so good looking.

Because this is the only power they know, it is the only power they respect.

Everything is, everything exists, only because I love.

I think she was merely directing the comment at you because she thought you might want to know.

Maybe because it had the same theme of wrought iron and ivory as the hacienda – and maybe they had been visiting too long.

It would not take place because the commanders not merely all recognized the position to be impossible, but in their conversations were only discussing what would happen after its inevitable abandonment.

But because it can be misused doesn’t mean it cannot be used well.

Clifton did not kiss me because he does not like to kiss little girls.

I hope you think about me and love me because I am a good little child.

I submit that the Internet is not defined in that way because it is a technology without an implicit purpose.

It could not exist because it was senseless and unattainable.

Napoleon, riding to Valuevo on the twenty-fourth, did not see (as the history books say he did) the position of the Russians from Utitsa to Borodino (he could not have seen that position because it did not exist), nor did he see an advanced post of the Russian army, but while pursuing the Russian rearguard he came upon the left flank of the Russian position–at the Shevardino Redoubt–and unexpectedly for the Russians moved his army across the Kolocha.

The Mangaboos were much impressed because they had never before seen any light that did not come directly from their suns.

Simply because only so many jobs can, in theory, be replaced by machines does not imply anything about the ability of the people now doing them…

I think no matter what, energy costs will fall dramatically in the future, probably to near zero, because the economic incentives to unlock that technical puzzle are so overwhelming.

And she added, turning to Vera, You’ll never understand it, because you’ve never loved anyone.

There are some who complain most energetically and inconsolably of any, because they are, as they say, doing their duty. [ speaking of automation]

They could not believe it because they alone knew what their life meant to them, and so they neither understood nor believed that it could be taken from them.

“Because the tracks are always the same,” answered David Brown.

Because I like his company?

This is because, like technology, money also multiplies the labor of man.

Then, as a nation grows wealthier, tax rates could fall in terms of percentages because the nation is making so much more money.

And because human nature changes either not at all or very slowly, people make the same choices over and over again. [making more money, spending more (on non-self-sufficient entities)]

We have a hard time seeing this world without scarcity because we are firmly planted in the worldview of scarcity. [Artificial seeds are not natural. Therefore Malthus was right. (In reference to one of my course books that says that Malthus was wrong.)]

“I should think not,” said Vera, “because there can never be anything wrong in my behavior.

He despised them because of his old age and experience of life. [experienced hi]

But many people’s lives do follow humdrum, dispiriting patterns because we employ too many people doing work that machines should be doing.

I always wondered if that was why Mom and Dad split up for a while – because Mom was used to a different lifestyle and social circle.

Apparently he found what he was looking for, because a smile touched the corners of his mouth and his eyes warmed.

“Because I am going to stop your breath,” was the reply.

Twitter is profound, and it unquestionably furthers peace because it promotes the interests of the many against the interests of the few.

She gave it up just because it was so powerfully seductive.

I describe these three situations because each, in its own way, illustrates how I think the future will play out regarding income and wealth. [extreme mistreatment, experience, oevre]

In addition, how food affects us unquestionably has a lot to do with genetic factors, and because everyone has a different genetic makeup, different foods affect each of us differently.

It made him angry just because the idea of marrying the gentle Princess Mary, who was attractive to him and had an enormous fortune, had against his will more than once entered his head.

Then there would not be war because Paul Ivanovich had offended Michael Ivanovich.

Is that because of the infection?

And she began to cry again because he had such a noble soul.

Are you very, very happy because you can make so many people happy? [If you’d let me.]

“I wonder if Alex reminded me it was his money because he thinks I spend it unwisely,” Carmen mused aloud. [Grrr sexism…]

This viewpoint seems reasonable because it is largely consistent with our everyday experience of life.

I buy something because I have certain assumptions about how much happiness it will bring me.

Because nanites are so small, they require little in the way of raw materials, just a few molecules here and there.

It is fascinating reading to this day because the things he notes about the American character are still very much with us.

They laughed and were gay not because there was any reason to laugh, but because gaiety and mirth were in their hearts and so everything that happened was a cause for gaiety and laughter to them.

When asked why, she answered: Because she has so many children to take care of. [Semi-literally]

The old count cried because he felt that before long, he, too, must take the same terrible step.

Because of its reliability, agriculture will become more like an exact science.

But all these hints at what happened, both from the French side and the Russian, are advanced only because they fit in with the event.

Evidently she was aware of her beauty and fearful because of it. [Brrr…]

Once this ball gets rolling, it will speed up and, because of it, we will all wake up each morning with a little extra spring in our step and sparkle in our eye.

It is altogether possible that many people would want to have conversations with their dogs mainly because they regard their dogs as sentient. [They could better stand up for themselves, then.]

And the whole thing has been unnatural because that cat and I are both able to talk your language, and to understand the words you say.

This is because history repeats itself‚ÄĒat least, as the great historian Will Durant says, “in outline form.” [financial crisis world war tyrant, “heroism”]

What had really taken place he did not wish to relate because it seemed to him not worth telling.

And above all,” thought Prince Andrew, “one believes in him because he’s Russian, despite the novel by Genlis and the French proverbs, and because his voice shook when he said: ‘What they have brought us to!’ and had a sob in it when he said he would ‘make them eat horseflesh!'”

Whenever I look at my watch and its hands point to ten, I hear the bells of the neighboring church; but because the bells begin to ring when the hands of the clock reach ten, I have no right to assume that the movement of the bells is caused by the position of the hands of the watch.

People who buy organic food, for instance, are not doing it simply because they have more money.

Of course you artillery men are very wise, because you can take everything along with you–vodka and snacks.

It would be particularly pleasant to him to dishonor my name and ridicule me, just because I have exerted myself on his behalf, befriended him, and helped him.

They wage war because it is the only language they speak.

It was thought advisable for me to have my examinations in a room by myself, because the noise of the typewriter might disturb the other girls.

I cannot make notes during the lectures, because my hands are busy listening. [haha people]

She excels other deaf people because she was taught as if she were normal.

The economy makes new machines that replace manual labor because many thousands of people are paid very well to do so.

Afterwards when he had received a name and wealth he dared not think of her because he loved her too well, placing her far above everything in the world, and especially therefore above himself.

Besides his height and stoutness, and the strange morose look of suffering in his face and whole figure, the Russians stared at Pierre because they could not make out to what class he could belong. [Ah same.]

“They are from the Island of Teenty-Weent,” said the Wizard, “where everything is small because it’s a small island. [Haha lands]

The minute we do, the people doing those jobs should become operators of the new machines‚ÄĒand get big raises because their productivity just shot way up.

But do you not think that God is happy too because you are happy?

I gave a lot of thought to that question because of all the fingers pointing at me.

We know all this is true because we see signs of it already.

We will avoid war because it is unprofitable; and while that is not a moral reason, any reason that brings peace is fine by me.

He may keep me on duty every day, or may place me under arrest, but no one can make me apologize, because if he, as commander of this regiment, thinks it beneath his dignity to give me satisfaction, then…

This is especially unfortunate because a major crop in Africa, grain sorghum, has a somewhat indigestible protein which our bodies have a hard time metabolizing.

It had a peculiarly strong effect on him because at the sight of the fire he felt himself suddenly freed from the ideas that had weighed him down.

That might be true, but there was no point in working at becoming a spendthrift simply because he had money.

I guess because the only one who should be looking at it is my husband. [Hmmm…]

I suppose that is because so many of my impressions come to me through the medium of others’ eyes and ears. [Blegh ūüôĀ ]

He only notices the mistake to which he pays attention, because his opponent took advantage of it.

Barbara Ivanovna told me the mob near killed her because she said something in French. [Any language ūüôĀ ]

But despite her grief, or perhaps just because of it, she took on herself all the difficult work of directing the storing and packing of their things and was busy for whole days. []

When he speaks, it is not to impress others, but because his heart would burst if he did not find an outlet for the thoughts that burn in his soul. [Same. Much same.]

Sure, he said her lifestyle appealed to him, but was that because it was something new? [Depends on age. Compare.]

Was it because of an ongoing investigation? [I’m all ears. ūüôā ]

Because¬†you told me to, remember? [That is true. ūüôā ♥ #InnerCrown]

There isn’t a doubt in my mind I’m breathing now¬†because¬†of him.

I felt vaguely that they could not be good even if they wished to, because no one seemed willing to help them or to give them a fair chance.

She enjoys punching holes in paper with the stiletto, and I supposed it was because she could examine the result of her work; but we watched her one day, and I was much surprised to find that she imagined she was writing a letter. [#BabyFangs]

When I see that she is eager to tell me something, but is hampered because she does not know the words, I supply them and the necessary idioms, and we get along finely. [Cishe?]

It is irksome because the process is so slow, and they cannot read what they have written or correct their mistakes. []

At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be infinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathome

She is never fretful or irritable, and I have never seen her impatient with her playmates because they failed to understand her.

I hesitate to say these things, but it is not because of the subject–I care not how obscene my words are–but because I cannot speak of them without betraying my impurity.

Maybe that was the attraction she felt for people like Yancey and Allen.

That physical attraction was responsible for the pounding of her heart right now.

Still, admitting to any attraction seemed folly.

Xander said nothing, amused at how hard she fought her attraction to him.

She hadn’t felt instant attraction to a man since high school.

https://sentence.yourdictionary.com/attraction have fun with it please! ūüôā