Ayy the rims on this fresh as fuck B.Β 

My love,


Today, I went to the Media Markt with my mother, to select a vacuum cleaner.

Domo vacuum cleaner rims

I chose this one πŸ™‚

Look at the rims on this thing ayy. Just kidding, though it looks quite smooth. For quite a fair price in comparison to the other vacuum cleaners. What I found the most important is that it’s bagless.

Domo vacuum cleaner rims

And that it has other mouthpieces

I’m very happy I don’t have to clean with stoffer en blik anymore. And we had fun. Dinner at Ellis Gourmet Burger afterwards. With very kind staff.

Ellis gourmet burger rims

And a very tasty burger with salmon πŸ™‚

The most notable moment in our conversation was when we were talking about most gifted people we know being depressed and/or miss a challenge for their passions in life, and brainstorming about how we could maybe start an initiative to solve this from a governmental perspective, because the problem is a lot larger than our circle. It’s actually a global thing (so maybe D.O.C.I.S. International is a better medium than the government). We haven’t found a strategy to solve this, but have thought out a little concept now. Though where to go to get something like this off the ground? An initiative to raise awareness, understanding and maybe create new opportunities for people who have a lot of talents but society having no place for them. I wonder if I, as experience expert, “future policymaker and researcher,” could make suggestions?


Oh my goddd I got such good news yesterdayyy! I will be unsubscribed from the psychiatric surveillance bureau that has been keeping tabs on me for years! I’m soo happyyy! We should smoke and drink to this!!! Just kidding but I’m very happy and relieved about this. Thanks to doctor Catje. πŸ˜€

I have requested copies of my records in case they decide to delete evidence of the horror they have put me through.

After that phone call, I went to the library to print my module for informatiesystemen and the warning note for my neighbors.


I’m surprised I got the printer to print from my student account without reading the instructions or asking for them. And this at 18:55 with the library closing at 19:00.

Rims geluidsoverlast

In retrospect, I should have written this in both Dutch and English.

And meoww for English class we have to, as an assignment, guide a class discussion about a topic of our choice, in pairs. I chose the topic “artificial intelligence” and wanted to do this by myself. And now last night I saw that someone has written him-/herself (I think it’s a “he”ΒΏ) down as my partner.

Of course I can’t say, “I work alone,” especially because it’s a group assignment, but man I hope this won’t have a bad effect on my grade. πŸ™ I had the whole thing reasoned out and now I suddenly need to give my project partner speech time… There’s another person doing the assignment alone and there’s one date empty. My English is on another level, which is the main reason why I prefer to work alone. Unless it’s someone who can really improve the philosophical depth I wanted to give the discussion. Nah in general I’m just someone who prefers to work alone. Exactly the stoic type of movie assassin “I work alone,” type of working alone is what I prefer to do, haha. I’m too much of an emotionally broken person to be social.

I’m going to read two chapters of my law book and then go to bed. Already looking forward to tomorrow morning, because I have left over pancakes with maple syrup and my mother also got me an orange juice maker. πŸ™‚ Finally meoww those oranges have been calling for my attention (figuratively of course… I don’t want to get in trouble ahahaha but seriously it’s figurative… Their due date is in sight is what I mean).

Ahahaha my sense of humor is twisteddd. The word “rims” in the context of this post is, of course, a joke too. πŸ™‚

Sexy orange juicer I won’t get enough of 😻

Good night, my love. I hope to receive your love letters soon. (Like TuesdayΒΏ Don’t overthink it. πŸ˜€ ) πŸ™‚ β™₯


22:47 (10:47 PM) [GMT +2]