An expert in judgment must know how FUCKED UP it feels when people have a different source that portrays you as “the bad guy”, according to a milked script that is so deep-rooted in people’s minds, even though your intentions are good. 

They say: “Don’t try to talk to her, because she doesn’t want to talk to you.” 

If I would want you to believe that, I would say that to you personally. With my mouth. Not through text. Don’t believe any other source than me. But please ask me first, before you interpret my written words, for they can be interpreted in MANY ways. 

I want to love you. I want to communicate with you. I’m just afraid of getting hurt again. (Still happens basically daily.) 

I’m tired of this self-defense. 

I’m neither for, nor against. I’m just trying to fit in. 

I try to make a post-lion impression on you, because I want your faith in me, because I can do so much for you, but I’m actually a little bed cat. 

I’m not here to disrupt your habitat. 

I just want to be your cuddle cat.