10:51 (AM) 

Good morning,  my Cudlle

How was your night? 

16:01 (04:01 PM) 

My shift is almost oveeer yeeeheeeessssss. 

I need to work on the statistics assignment afterwards… But I want to chill :[. I thought of purchasing a Nintendo Switch, but that will leave a lot less for me to invest in my business. My business, which includes you as my Cuddle Graeyniss, is my life. Other than that there’s nothing here for me. I will never feel contempt with a routine that leaves 2 days of “freedom” for me, that, until the end of time, will either be filled in with hanging around inside the house, having a drink, going out for dinner, clubbing or playing pool, having the same type of oneliner conversation day in day out. These 2 days will then not be filled in with working on my own business, because in that life, which I will not be able to live, I would not have my own business. 

00:22 (AM) 

If I would compare the pressure on getting my business to a “running state”, related to how much I can relax, in my experience of June 6, compared to now… Now I have work over school over my business over relaxing, while having fallen so hard for my parents’ financial trap in June (April: “May I go to Atlanta?” “No,  it’s too far and too expensive,” [that’s greed, far from not having enough money] as one of the many fucking bullshit reasons why no [sorry for saying this¿ but sometimes [I use that word out of politeness. It’s actually “always”] I wish I had that lenient type of generous (white) parent [I’m not familiar with lenient black parents, but they must be out there somewhere… Maybe one day I will be one… Then again, maybe not (as in no children)]] June: “I want you to stay somewhere near me. 5 days in a designer hotel in Utrecht? Sure. Trying a new restaurant every day? Of course. Letting me stay in a (two bathroom) family apartment in a resort for two weeks? [I miss this apartment so much…] With ease.” It’s really not the money. It’s because people always ask for me and their answer should show that they’re not snakes…. “Where’s Dominique?” “I don’t know. She ran off to the States as soon as she had enough money to leave the house,” would make them look bad, right? 

Ah,  meow. Why am I talking about this frustrating topic again… 

Make me happy? I’m a very never mentioning depressing topics type of person when I’m happy. Haha all you have to do is genuinely cuddle me (and do business with me¿  :D). 

I’m going to try to get up early so I can do some statistics… 

By the way, I’ve added two images to yesterday’s post (haha I wrote poge on accident (that’s “page” and “post” mashed up)).