I can’t stand when I write something and then, due to an error, I lose it x_x. 

How do I incentivize you to engage in something? I’ve been to get you to approach me in real life… For a very long time… Waaaay too long :D.  

Hi, my name is Lil Fangs, and I’m saying “Fuck this shit,” about simplifying my content. I like my content pure. Yes, it’s a lot to read, but my use of language is not that hard. Know that no one can force me to say sorry to anyone. No one should do that to you either, if you’re Cuddle. If you don’t like my writing, that’s fine. One day, I’ll be able to block haters from seeing my content. 

I want to make a documentary about Project Nosce Te Ipsum, while we execute the project, if we will ever do that. It depends on if someone will be able to understand Project Nosce Te Ipsum haha. I’m looking for investors. A lot of them…  Maybe this plan just really isn’t for this society. My alternative is suicide. I hope you’ll support my business.

I’m still going to give updating Facebook another shot. 

After that, if things still stay silent here, I’m just going to go back to writing with pen and paper only, because this is so absurd. 

I can’t ever again hear that people really gave a fuck when I was missing, because then, right now, that person would know what to do, right? 

I really can’t afford to be politically correct, otherwise I would have done it the easy way x_x. 

I paid in total €25 for the ad [including likes].

Making a new one made the date after the 30th x_x

It was unseen? Always no likes unless I start buying them ughh fuck thiss

What the meow :[


I really hope you will send me an e-mail :). Or post a comment or something.

I hope you weren’t expecting a release hype? I need investors for that…


Good afternoon ♥

I hope you’ve been reading D.O.C.I.S.

I didn’t expect to be here in Berlin at this point in my life, but I’m happy that that didn’t stop me from releasing it. I’d been writing so beast mode that I didn’t get to eating lunch or dinner. 

And then there’s still no engagement. It makes me want to say things like: “Fuck this shit, I’ll just close these websites and end this dreadful life.” Wtf am I doing this for? I’m just searching for people to run a business with… 

You could send an email to the general email address. If you want to stand out even more, you could also use my personal D.O.C.I.S. International e-mail address. The last chapter of the free book contains a summary of how you could join me. My material won’t stay free forever. I have the right to earn from this, since so many people are getting their anonymous entertainment from it. 


By the way, the position for “Head Architecture and Design” has become free. I talk to people who don’t keep up with my writing, and then it turns out that they have no idea what I intend to create. We’ll be using the internet/a form of internet, which is something a member of Re-Illu should be open to… 

I want a new society. Fuck the old one. [So much for a lot of swearing after a release date… Excuse my overwhelming first expression, if you’re new.] I write my Earthly memories down, so that the later generations – who will not experience this sheepy and unsustainable Earthly generation – will understand and appreciate that it won’t be there anymore in the future. 

D.O.C.I.S. is only available online, because I want to reach a big international audience with it, so it feels wrong in the context of what is seen as sustainability to have it on paper…. 

Of course spectating isn’t wrong. And I promise that I won’t rage at you in my response to your application the way I do in my diary sometimes!! Don’t be scared of me. I won’t bite :D♥


The assignment for the leader(s) of The Construction Divison is to check – and edit, including identity branding, for your legacy, if you see room for improvement – my plans for construction on the corporate land of D.O.C.I.S. International, especially in terms of safety of the construction. I could also make it a team? 

Project Nosce Te Ipsum is always open to proposed modifications. I will mention you if you engage in this for sure!