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Hey, my lovely blog reader ♥

I’ve started to read a new book for my research for Nosce Te Ipsum: The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money by John Maynard Keynes 😀 . I’ve chosen this book, because I prefer to learn straight from the source, instead of via a method that rephrases a theory, because it often leaves out a lot of philosophy. 

Now that I haven’t read the book yet, all I know, is the basic Keynesian model: Y = C + I + O + E – M, where Y is the gross national income, C is consumption, I is business investments, O is the public procurement, E is export and M is import. What I want to know is how all of those individual components are built up. Every variable represents another set of functions. I want to expand the model to an accumulation of all components that make the components. And I want to know the basic philosophy about its effectiveness. And then later blend digital value into my findings, which didn’t exist when this was written. Just like international digital mass media. 

Currently, I’m reading the PDF I downloaded from the website of the University of Adelaide. But I hope I’ll have enough money to buy a paperback version soon x_x. 

Paper over screens ayyy

I’m about to go along with my family friends, to my family, because my father was in the hospital for a day, yesterday. Nothing to worry about. There’s just this fistula that was installed in his anus after there was an abscess there or something, which was acting up. Ugh the amounts of flashbacks I had of him when he visited me in the hospital. Grrrr…. I guess this is a good opportunity to show my solidarity.